Google / YouTube Wants You Sick? (CORONAVIRUS!)


This video will likely get me in trouble with the ‘powers-that-be’, but I’m well beyond the point of giving a fuck.

At the very least it will be demonetized and deranked, like usual. This is not my first rodeo.

On Monday, March 9th, Google was advertising the following below their search bar. It read “Coronavirus: How we’re helping”.

That is a prime example of useless virtue signalling.

How so?

My latest video which discussed the Coronavirus was immediately demonetized and deranked on YouTube, which means it will have a very limited reach beyond folks who actively visit my channel. At a time when such a reach would be incredibly beneficial to people.

And my attempt to appeal their decision was quickly shot down by Google, so my video remains demonetized, deranked, and ultimately suppressed. This is a screenshot of their email response to my appeal.

I must ask… why?

That video was tame; it wasn’t graphic, I didn’t use foul language, I didn’t discuss illegal drugs or sexuality, I didn’t call for violence or bully anyone, etc.

I simply discussed statistics, which were current at the time of publication, and offered tips for folks to boost immunity, keep themselves safe, and be prepared. All of which I’ve supported with hard evidence. It wasn’t my opinion nor conjecture, and I cited all my references.

So, why, pray tell, is Google suppressing such videos on the topic of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Why don’t they want people informed about a virus that is becoming pretty fucking serious? DO THEY WANT PEOPLE TO BE UNINFORMED AND SICK?!

For example, the current death rate in Italy, one of the worst hit Western nations, is just shy of 7%. Not the previously reported 2% or 3%, but nearly 7-fucking-percent! That makes this virus almost 70-times deadlier than the seasonal Flu!

And I’ll trust Italy’s numbers over lying Commies in China, who appear to have played with fire in a lab, but couldn’t keep their shit contained when they did.

Yeah, thanks for that!

And for the mess this unwanted gift keeps on bringing to the rest of the world.

But, please, do at least keep your latest H5N1 bird flu problem to yourselves! We don’t need any more contagions spreading across the globe. Thanks in advance!

In any case, I am not the only one to notice YouTube’s censorship on the subject of Coronavirus; Tim Pool has remarked about it more than once in his own videos on the topic; a topic that he covers quite often, and for good reason.

So, my question, again, is why?

If Google really cares about this outbreak, as they’ve claimed to, then they shouldn’t be suppressing content legitimately discussing the topic, and more importantly, sharing ideas. They should be PROMOTING it!

Now, I know this video was more of a rant than informative, but I hope it gets some of you thinking. Sometimes that is necessary. And no one should be exempt from valid criticism, even if Google wants to avoid it like a fucking child.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below, what do you think Google’s reasoning is?


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