Get Woke, Go SEXUALLY Broke?

The far-left, especially feminists, and the mainstream media love to peddle the “woke” idea that traditional masculinity is somehow a bad thing, or “toxic”, and that it needs to be stopped.

A recent, popular example of this would be the Gillette ad from this past January, which was also statistically-inaccurate about WHAT it presented, but I don’t want to stray off topic here.

I am going to spare you a lengthy discussion on masculinity, hormones, and history, but I will direct you to a video that I produced back in mid-Summer 2017 which explores those topics in great detail, and showcases specific problems men face, while also presenting realistic solutions. I strongly suggest you all check that out. I’ve linked it below for your convenience.

But, moving along to the point of THIS video… do feminists TRULY dislike masculine men?

Well, findings from a recent meta-analysis of 5 studies published last Summer demonstrates that women actually find “sexist” men to be the MOST attractive. But here’s the REAL kicker… that also includes women who identify as feminists!

Yep, it would appear that even feminists wouldn’t turn down a chance to ride some Chad dick. But, “shhh”… I think they’d want that kept on the down-low. Gotta keep up appearances.

As feminist writer Kate Iselin put it back in 2015, “dating male feminists turned out to be one of the least empowering decisions I’ve ever made.”

She added, “for every male feminist horror story I have lived, I’ve been told a dozen more by equally-frustrated female friends.”

And you can find numerous public cases of self-proclaimed male feminists, and/or champions of liberal causes and/or women’s rights who have been accused of assault, sexual misconduct, and even friggin’ rape!

Those cases include but are not limited to Eric Schneiderman, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Joel Davis, Robert Reece, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Matthew Weiner, Jordan Hunt, Don Hazen, “Creepy” Joe Biden, etc. The list literally goes on and on!

And if you read writer Kate Iselin’s article, which I’ve linked among the references for this video, she details her own horror stories of encounters with deceitful male feminists.

Kind of a trend, don’t you think?

Some of you may have heard the term “Sneaky Fucker Strategy” or “Sneaky Fucker Theory”, which basically describes effeminate and/or low-status men attempting to procure sex with women by employing deceptive and underhanded strategies. Case in point: posing as a male feminist / feminist ally in the hope of earning female favor.

And right here’s an example of three potential “Sneaky Fuckers” in the wild.

By now, I am sure that many of you have witnessed, at least on social media, a male feminist “white knight” come swooping-in to defend a female feminist in distress. Typically one who was “under attack” by some evil right-winger, popularly referred to as a “Nazi” or “White Supremacist”, that dared to debate some popular feminist narrative, such as the thoroughly-debunked gender pay gap, with facts and logic.

But, getting back to the study, the authors specifically used the term “benevolent sexism” to describe these sort of men that women found most attractive. And this IS an important distinction!

From what I’ve read, “benevolent sexists” are men who believe in maintaining traditional gender roles, and hold views such as women needing male protection, men being the providers, etc.

As opposed to “hostile sexists”, which are men who hold truly misogynistic views such as women being incompetent, inferior, or reducing their value to nothing more than “cum-dumpsters”, etc.

In summary, “hostile sexism” is defined by hate, anger, and resentment toward women. In other words, the sort of shit you’d expect to find in, say, a modern Incel forum.

You see, according to the researchers, women found “benevolent sexists” to be more attractive BECAUSE they viewed them as potentially better protectors, providers, caregivers, and more willing to commit.

So, yeah, Liberal males, if you thought aligning with feminism was a sure-fire way for you to score some pussy, albeit, insufferable third-wave feminist pussy, you were SORELY mistaken!

Research shows that even the precious feminists that you so desperately orbit and grovel to, when it comes right down to it, would rather jump the bones of the very men they claim to oppose… than yours!

That’s biology… and biology trumps ideology.

That’s right… women simply prefer a James Bond… NOT a Jamie Bond!

And I’ve covered research on this channel numerous times demonstrating that women prefer masculine, strong men. Again… that’s biology!

A recent example would be my video titled, “Women Prefer Men With This”.

Just search this channel for that sort of content. There’s plenty of it! All backed by research, NOT opinion!

In conclusion: men… embrace healthy masculinity in your lives. Embrace what nature DESIGNED you to be. What your testosterone URGES you to be.

After all, men naturally have a little over 176% MORE testosterone, on average, than women.

So, go and retrieve your balls, and act like it!

Don’t conform to the emasculating mainstream narrative.

Chase women, lift weights, play sports, shoot guns, be competitive, be assertive, be self-reliant, etc. When it comes right down to it, even the feminists will want your “D”.

It appears that if you get “woke”… you’re very likely to go sexually broke!

And, ladies, I strongly advise that you do NOT trust any man who claims to be a feminist or “feminist ally”. Trends demonstrate that he’s likely a snake with sneaky ulterior motives.

I’d like to use the Biblical idiom “wolf in sheep’s clothing” here, but nothing about a male feminist screams “wolf”… or even blatantly “male” for that matter.

Plus, liberal men are more likely to be, well, less masculine. And that’s not just my opinion!

Based on a sample size of 171 men, joint British and American researchers behind a 2017 study discovered that the LESS muscle and strength that a man possesses, the MORE likely he is to support left-wing policies, such as egalitarianism, and the LESS likely he is to be socially-dominant.

Just some food for thought, ladies. But, hey, some chicks dig a submissive guy… but, they’re certainly outliers.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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