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Many of you may remember my video from February where I shared research about the seed nigella sativa, which was found to increase testosterone, sperm count, and ejaculate volume, among other markers, significantly after just 3 months of daily consumption.

I’ve linked that video below in case you either missed it, or simply want a refresher. I went into detail about the dosing and the outcomes, so I definitely recommend that you check that video out, because this video is more of a follow-up.

Since I released that video, people have asked me to provide updates, including blood results, from before and after a period of consuming nigella sativa.

Now, I didn’t personally get any blood work done. But, I will say, from my own experience, which is purely anecdote, that I did notice an increase in my sex drive, aggression, and even energy levels since I began consuming nigella sativa. And I began around the time of that video’s release, so it’s been about 2 1/2 months for me now. And I’m still consuming the seeds daily.

Nothing else about my diet or lifestyle has changed during this period of time. Same training program, same precise diet, sleep schedule, etc.

You see, I am rather “autistic” in the manner that I approach things. I am incredibly systematic, and avoid spontaneity as much as possible.

In fact, I am so exacting in my approach to life in general, that I was once bestowed the college nickname “Mr. Schedules” by a group of close friends. This is just how I’ve always been.

Nonetheless, my results are still anecdote. The improvements that I experienced could’ve occurred for any number of reasons, such as a change in season, that I am just not taking into account. I’ve always said, and I will say it again, anecdote is NOT conclusive evidence for anything. Interesting, perhaps, but not conclusive.

So, if I won’t accept anecdote when it comes to, say, carnivores or ex-vegans, then I won’t be a hypocrite and tell you to hold my own anecdote in higher regard either.

And it wasn’t as though my sex drive or energy levels were inferior prior to introducing these seeds into my diet. And I also just have a naturally-aggressive personality, so all of these heightened experiences could even be chalked-up to a placebo effect. Hard to say without proper controls and metrics.

But, this past weekend I received a private message on Facebook which I was given permission to share with you all. Enter this video.

And, hey, I even found a new “suggestive” thumbnail photo, just as I had for my previous video about these seeds.

On that note, this video is likely getting demonetized. But, what else is new?

The “Progressives” at Google are super-cool with pedophiles and baby-killers, but mentioning the word testosterone, dropping a few f-bombs, or showing a photo implying that an adult woman is receiving a massive facial: sorry, no ads for you!

Anyway, one of my viewers named Stefan reached out to thank me for my video on nigella sativa. Stefan had achieved some mad results! And, he actually got the blood work done, both before and after, to prove it!

After just 49 days, or a little over 1 1/2 months, of consuming 5 grams of nigella sativa per day, which is about a tsp per day, as well as raw onions and 100 milliliters of pomegranate juice, his total testosterone increased by approx. 20%, his free testosterone increased by approx. 48%, his estrogen dropped by approx. 4%, and he reduced his sex hormone binding globulin by approx. 28%.

So, let’s say you’re an average dude, with average testosterone levels, if you achieved the same increase that Stefan had… you’d hop from 679 ng/dL to about 815 ng/dL in a little over a month-and-a-half.

Furthermore, Stefan’s hair grew faster. He used to shave his head every 3 weeks, now he has to shave weekly. Also, Stefan confirms that my “perverted fireman” joke holds water… no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little pun intended, because that’s just how I roll.

In other words, Stefan is shootin’ bigger loads.

No, I did not ask him for evidence of that, and I doubt any of you are complaining that I hadn’t. And, no, I won’t ask his girlfriend to verify it either, despite her also being a viewer of my channel. There is just some detective work that is completely unnecessary.

But, Stefan wasn’t the only viewer who sent me a PM after that video release.

A dude named Jesse had reached out to me to inform me that dosing a full tbsp of nigella sativa made him “extremely horny all day long”, and made his dick, I quote: “way bigger”.

Granted, Jesse didn’t provide any blood results like Stefan had, and thank fuck he did NOT send me any dick pics… so, we are just left to take his word for it. And I am fine with that in the case of dick pics.

And even though Stefan DID supply his blood work, it is still n=1. And we lack controls to account for other factors. For example, whether or not the raw onions and/or pomegranate juice that he consumed played some in those results, and if they did, how much of one compared to the seeds.

As there does appear to be human research, though very limited, demonstrating an increase in testosterone levels from pomegranate juice consumption.

And the same goes for onions, though, again, very limited with regards to human-model research.

Nonetheless, I thought this would still make for an interesting video update. And if some of you were previously on the fence about trying the seeds for yourself, perhaps this will inspire you to take that plunge. Though, I am really not sure why you wouldn’t have already, barring any allergies. After all, nigella sativa ISN’T a supplement!

It’s a whole food, with a quality nutrition profile that includes dietary fat, protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. So, it offers value beyond any potential hormone-enhancing benefits.

And if you’ve watched my video from this past April about dietary fiber, you’d know that the more of it that you get, the better your fitness outcomes may be. Such as grip strength and speed. And nigella sativa provides 2.3 grams of fiber per tablespoon!

I’ve also linked that video below for your convenience.

Furthermore, the seeds are only $12.99 for a pound of an organic product; the very same product that I purchased back in February, which will last you around 6 months at the effective researched dose of 2.5 grams per day, or a 1/2 a tsp serving. That’s only a little over 2-bucks-a-month. Pretty damn cheap!

If you’re interested, I’ve linked the product in the description below for your ordering convenience.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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