Feminists Triggered by Cupcakes On Google Maps

This video will not be covering a vegan topic, but it certainly covers a very real health issue, one that could be helped by veganism, of course.

Also one that VERY much affects Western civilization.

According to the CDC, 36.5% of US adults are obese, and as such are at risk for conditions like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Keep in mind, this puts a burden on our healthcare system. As of 2008, according to the CDC, the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was a staggering $147 billion!

But, it’s not just a US issue… it’s spreading like a cancer across the West.

In the UK, 67% of men and 57% of women are overweight or obese!

And in broader Europe, according to the World Health Organization, over 50% of men and women are overweight, and roughly 23% of women and 20% of men are obese. At least as of 2008.

You get the idea. Now, to the point of this video. Which is more of a rant, really. In light of that data!

Recently, Google Maps included a feature that would tell you how many calories you would’ve burned had you chose to walk instead of drive.

And to put this information into perspective, the feature would equate the calorie burn of a given distance to a specific number of mini cupcakes.

For some folks, a number doesn’t mean fuck all. So, painting a relatable picture helps.

Over at my blog, with the rest of the references from this video, I’ve included some NY Times, NY Post, and Huffington Post articles about this topic.

Of course, as to be expected nowadays, this Google Maps feature incited outrage from very sensitive people who are professionally-offended by anything and everything, and imagine oppression everywhere.

In other words, absolute whimps who cannot face reality, and require safe spaces from EVERYTHING they don’t agree with or like.

Notably, a very lovable bunch called “third-wave feminists.”

I wonder if there’s any controlled statistical data on feminism and cupcake consumption?

In any case, here are some of the cries of offense, just for a good laugh!

FROM TWITTER: “Thank you for shaming me for my mini cupcake consumption Google Maps!!!”

Oh… boo, hoo, hoo! Perhaps we should remove warning labels from cigarettes. Because some smokers might get offended for their bad habit.

FROM TWITTER: “LOL! Every woman I know has been sexually assaulted and Google Maps is telling me how many calories I’ll burn on my walk to work.”

Because cupcakes and sexual assault DEFINITELY deserve to be positioned in the same sentence!

That was some virtue-signalling acrobatics right there!

FROM TWITTER: “Apparently Google Maps now tells you how many calories you’ll burn on your route. How about let’s not.”

This last winner even tagged the National Eating Disorders Association, likely in attempt to “tell on” Google.

If you don’t like the feature, why not just ignore it?

Instead of inevitably ruining it for others who may actually find it interesting, useful, and/or motivating.

ESPECIALLY given the current state-of-health of the Western world! A VERY real problem that should not be ignored, glamorized, or fetishized!

Let’s face it, there’s going to be a lot of things in life people inevitably won’t like. Life is far from roses and rainbows.

Part of being a functioning adult is realizing this fact, accepting it, and rolling with the punches. Taking the good with the bad.

Learning, growing, and becoming a stronger person from life experiences.

Not running to hide in your “safe space” each and every time shit gets tough.

Or trying to shut something or someone down at every turn because you don’t agree with them, and/or you’re feelings are hurt by the truth.

Some things in life require “tough love”.

And I’d say a bad habit that puts you at risk of a myriad of preventable diseases, as well as a higher national medical debt, is certainly one of those!

Especially the latter, if your poor lifestyle decisions remotely affect my tax dollars!

And the Western world IS in dire need of a HUGE dose of “man the fuck up” right about now.

In fact, that sort of treatment is long-overdue!

Unfortunately, due to the backlash received — Google DID pull the feature.

The cries of a few ruined it for everyone!

And this sort of shit won’t ever cease if we refuse to stop pandering to these crybabies every fucking time they perceive a trespass, no matter how minor in the scheme of things.

Apparently, the Google Maps feature was just too triggering, shamey, useless and inaccurate, and it perpetuated a “diet culture”.

Given the obesity statistics here in the West… I am inclined to think we NEED a “diet culture”.

Sort of like given the number of weak-ass crybabies out there, a collapse, civil war, or some other survival scenario might be beneficial in “cleaning” things up a bit.

Lord knows these sorts of pansies wouldn’t survive one hot second in a REAL time of trouble. When no one would be coming to save them… BUT THEMSELVES!

After veganism, if there is ANYTHING I hope I’ve instilled upon my viewers with this channel, it’s that proper diet and exercise ARE YOUR FRIENDS!

And I’ve supported that statement with research time after time after time on this channel.

Turning a blind eye to a problem will NOT make it go away. ACTION is what solves problems.

And obesity is a REAL fucking problem. And it can cause a LOT of other REAL fucking problems.

As I’ve said in videos before, if you are overweight or obese BUT you are actively trying to fix that — more power to you!

I support you 100%, and I hope my channel and advice helps you reach your goals in becoming a healthier and stronger person.

And if I have helped you in this regard… I’d love to have you on my show. To showcase your success, and help motivate others.

Hit me up in the comments, by email, or via Facebook messenger, and we can discuss. I’ve done interviews on here before.

However, if you are overweight and obese, but would rather complain and attack instead of taking responsibility for your own health and life… go choke on a bag of dicks!

Anyhow, this has been some real talk. Let me know what you think in the comments below… I definitely expect some heat for this one… from the usual suspects.

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