EXPOSED: Italian Media + Government LIES About Vegan Diet!

As many of you are likely aware by now the news is alight with stories about how the Italian government is proposing jail sentences on vegan parents who “impose” their diet upon their children.

In a recent BBC news article it was quoted that the vegan diet is “devoid of essential elements for children’s healthy and balanced growth.” Going on to elaborate specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies, all of which I’ve previously discussed ways to obtain, as a vegan, on this channel.

This proposal comes after four cases, in the past 18 months where, apparently, malnourished children had been taken into Italian hospital care — apparently, due to being fed a vegan diet.

Thankfully, the BBC DID go on to cite that the American Dietetic Association, currently known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, supports vegan diets for children SO LONG AS they are properly planned.

And I’ve demonstrated that official, peer-reviewed statement by that organization time and again on this channel. That well-planned vegan diets are appropriate for individuals during ALL stages of the life cycle.

And this brings me to my main point with this matter. You cannot blame ALL vegan parents for the idiocy or neglect of a handful.

Allow me to elaborate in a Washington Post article from this past July, you will find specific cases, from Italy, of blatant stupidity and neglect. For instance: vegan parents who do not believe in dietary supplements, or another set of vegan parents who… and I quote: “had fed the baby a diet of mainly soy milk and apple juice”.

MAINLY soy milk and apple juice?!?!

Those parents are total morons… but, not because they chose to feed their child a vegan diet. No, no, let’s be clear here! Rather, because they chose to APPROACH their child’s diet in such a limited, unbalanced, illogical, and lazy capacity.

It is so painfully obvious what the real culprit is here: human stupidity. Those parents would have very likely gotten their children sick regardless… eventually.

When you consider the MYRIAD of foods at one’s disposal as a vegan.

Soy milk and apple juice, for example, are by NO means even REMOTELY painting a comprehensive picture… they don’t even scratch the surface!

How the hell did this path of logic not occur in the minds of those responsible for this proposal?!?! Well, hopefully it will occur in those who make the final decision.

In no way should a handful of obviously-neglectful cases be representative of the safety of a plant-based diet, as a whole, for children.

Especially when there are plenty of examples of healthy children being raised on vegan diets. Like the ones presented at, for instance.

And, yes, those are anecdotal cases… but, so are the cases being used as grounds for this proposal in Italy.

And there ARE more cases of healthy vegan children than unhealthy.

But, wait… the plot thickens!

There is something we are NOT hearing from the mainstream media outside of Italy.

Something an Italian friend of mine recently brought to my attention, and wanted me to be aware of BEFORE I made this video.

Something EVERY vegan NEEDS to know about this situation.

There exists footage from a recent speech by the deputy of Italy’s Five Star Movement. In this video, this deputy exposed the lies about the kid from Genoa, who was hospitalized for malnutrition.

In his speech, the deputy references the DOCTOR who actually treated that child!

At this point, I will allow my Italian friend to translate this gem.

This is exclusive content to this channel… let’s roll the clip…


So, it turns out that in at least one case, in Genoa, the child wasn’t even fed a vegan diet after all, but rather she had been consuming cheese!

And in another case, in Belluno, it wasn’t the vegan diet that caused the little boy to get sick, but rather a “weaning problem” that many children experience.

Yet, despite this all being medically documented, the media persists with the lies!

In fact, there is an obvious media AND government joint SMEAR campaign against vegan diets going on right now in Italy.

And I truly fear that this won’t remain an Italian phenomenon, especially given how the lies and misinformation have flooded into the media OUTSIDE of Italy now!

And, if this Italian proposal becomes approved, I fear similar proposals might begin popping up in other places.

This needs to be exposed to the vegan community at large, so I ask that you all please share this video — get this heard!

Anyhow. That wraps up what I have to say on this matter at the moment. I hope you all have found this eye-opening and informative.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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