Exclusive Resort for the Obese

It’s time once more for subject matter that’s sure to offend somebody… probably many people.

However, this video is not for the sake of offending, but rather continuing to shine a light on a very serious, growing health issue that’s being perpetually pandered to, instead of addressed with any real concern.

Recently, I came across news about a successful “plus size” beach resort in the Bahamas specifically for the obese… or, “curvy” folks as the publication People politely refers to them.

Listen up, this is “curvy”. This, on the other hand, is “obese”! Please do NOT confuse the two.

Just call a spade a spade, rather than dressing it up with flattering language so as not to “offend”, and maintain the status quo.

And I absolutely meant what I said about pandering to a very real health issue!

One that comes with a myriad of associated risks including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and even various cancers.

One that affects a whopping 36.5% of Americans, as well as 23% of European women and 20% of European men.

And 60% of this resort’s clientele are FROM America.

A resort where these folks can, and I quote: eat “three buffets a day”, yes… “buffets”! Let that sink in.

Or lounge about on sofas “built to hold 560 pounds”, “enjoy worry-free sex on king-size, steel-reinforced beds”, and stroll the beach without the “fear of judgment.”

Sorry for the mental images in the case of at least one of those. You know which one!

Actually, allow me to make it worse for you!

So, how did this come about you might ask?

According to the resort’s mastermind, James King, he used to work for another resort in Grenada. One day an overweight woman broke through a lounge chair, causing an eruption of laughter on the beach. She was subsequently charged $150 for destruction of hotel property, which only added insult to her injury. In short, witnessing that string of events inspired him to establish this resort for the obese, which comes complete with custom furniture, such as beds that can withstand up to 1,500 pounds.

And after only two years — business is already strong!

Even with the hefty… pun intended… price tag of $16,400 for a six-day stay.

And this is where I am torn.

On one hand, this James guy is just a wise businessman… who saw an opportunity… a growing one at that, pun also intended… and financially-capitalized on it.

You can’t really fault him for that, but yet there is a bigger-picture problem here that society needs to stop coddling and do something about.

This is a specialized resort for people who suffer from a MAJOR health problem that is putting a severe burden on annual health care costs, that offers buffet-style eating three-fucking-times-a-day.

That sort of thing will NOT help nor motivate these people to change. In fact, it’s going to enlarge, pun also intended, their problem.

Why not offer a resort where, fine, these folks won’t feel “judged”, but where healthy physical activities are promoted… beyond the aforementioned “worry-free sex”… as well as healthy eating habits, not regular buffets?

In the case of the latter… how about healthful vegan options?

But, I suppose in James’ case, that’d be bad for business. If these folks started getting fit, and became more health-conscious, he’d begin gradually losing a customer base.

Yet, it IS something we need to address as a society.

If we effectively did, there wouldn’t even be this sort of market, or not much of one, for a business-minded guy like James to take advantage of.

We need to stop with this whole fat acceptance bullshit, stop worrying about offending overly-sensitive people, and instead address a clear and present problem.

Obesity is NOT healthy, obesity is NOT considered sexy outside of a fringe group of fetishists, and obesity should NOT be promoted, accepted, or made to seem trendy, whether directly or indirectly.

If you actually care about anyone who is obese, you should be trying to help them change — not encouraging them to remain the same!

Anyhow, let me know what you think in the comments below.


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