E-Book: Beast Mode by Science

  • A total of 38 weeks of evidence-based workouts (supported by over 100 references).
  • 2 workout programs (one for muscle-building and one for fat loss).
  • Evidence-based recommendations for nutrition, hydration, sleep, supplementation, and cardio.
  • All for less than the average cost of ONE, hour-long personal training session in the USA! [Sources: NSCA survey & WebMD]

Let SCIENCE help you build a strong, head-turning body... NOT DRUGS!

With the 'Beast Mode by Science' e-book, you will...

  • Improve your natural hormone production through evidence-based training, diet, and sleep recommendations.
  • Apply all three mechanisms of hypertrophy to optimize your muscle growth.
  • Implement a training method that research has shown stimulates 75% more growth hormone release, while resulting in both greater 1RM and significantly more muscle size.
  • Utilize a rep and rest scheme that results in 21.5% more muscle growth after just one training session compared to a more traditional approach.
  • Learn a simple-to-apply intra-workout nutrition tip that research demonstrates elicits an average of 20.8% more muscle growth.
  • Plus MUCH more!

This e-book was meticulously-crafted based on a LARGE-body of human research, and some of it recent (at the time of publishing).

It is the culmination of nearly a decade of immersing myself in said research, followed by experiments in the gym, and my gathered knowledge and experience.

Now, I am not promising any miracles with its contents, like making outrageous claims such as "gain 10 pounds of muscle in just one month!" It'd be dishonest of me to do that! But, this manual does provide you with the most efficient and scientifically-sound exercise programs (there are two in the book) that I could possibly muster, so that you can optimize your results as quickly as possible, for your goals, genetics and experience-level, without the use of drugs. And I want to doubly-emphasize that last part: "without the use of drugs"!

This e-book also lays out evidence-based nutrition recommendations, which you can use to customize your diet according to your body and goals (i.e., gaining muscle or losing fat).

Furthermore, there are sections discussing proper hydration, sleep, supplementation and cardio. I wanted to leave no stone unturned!

This e-book provides you with a comprehensive blue-print to your best body, all you need to do is put in the time and labor to build that fortress!

Real science!  Real people!  Real results!

Pictured is my 7 lb transformation after including just ONE of the key components featured in the 'Beast Mode by Science' muscle growth program.

That's 7 lbs of drug-free muscle growth in just 10 months!

By this point in time, I had been seriously lifting for about 6 years without any extended lay-offs, so this can hardly be chalked up to "beginner's gains"!

Note: these are stills directly captured from my YouTube channel (that anyone can go see for themselves), thus they are not doctored in any way (aside from the added text). I literally just paused the respective videos, "print-screened" for each still, lined them up side-by-side in MS Paint, and added the text.

Pictured are my friend Nat's progress photos after only 4 months of applying my fat loss nutrition recommendations, as featured in 'Beast Mode by Science' (starting on page 45).

He lost 6 kg (~13 lbs) of fat, and dropped 13 cm (~5 in) from his waist! All in just 4 months!

Pictured is my client Jay's progress after only 3 months of using my training program, as well as incorporating my nutrition and supplement recommendations.

He even went on to compete in Men's Physique just 1 month later (as pictured)!

Want to look like you use drugs when you don't? To me, "gear" accusations are the ultimate form of compliment for any natural lifter.

Implementing my training methods over the years has led me to receive CONSTANT steroid accusations, including (but not limited to) the one's pictured here.

The truth is, I have NEVER taken ANY steroids, nor growth hormone, nor insulin.

If you put my training methods and other advice to use from 'Beast Mode by Science', given consistency and ample time, you too can receive this barrage of satisfying "insults".

And here are just some of the testimonials from the fitness and nutrition advice I've been providing since 2014 (the first one is an actual first-impression of "Beast Mode by Science" from one customer who purchased it upon its release.)

No matter what your physique goals may be, 'Beast Mode by Science' can help you get there as quickly as naturally possible!

You will improve your looks, your confidence, your performance, and your life!

Introductory offer:  $49.95  

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E-Book: 3-Day "Hollywood" Body

Get that action hero look!

The primary focus of this workout routine is to help you build the coveted ‘X-Frame’ using a very specific selection of exercises (based on available research data) to get you there in the shortest time possible.

What's an X-Frame, you might ask? Well, it is essentially a ‘V-Taper’ up-top, with flared-quads down-below -- think the Superman look!

To help you achieve this goal, this workout routine utilizes the three mechanisms of hypertrophy (mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscle damage), as well as research-proven techniques such as rest-pause, drop sets, partials, and isometric muscle contractions.

Furthermore, it prescribes ample volume and frequency to optimize muscle growth, while allowing sufficient rest time to facilitate proper recovery.

All you have to do is follow the workouts, train hard and consistently, eat enough quality foods, get plenty of sleep each night, and in time... you too can possess a body suitable for a big-screen action blockbuster!

This is the next best thing to having your own in-demand Hollywood personal trainer without the outrageous cost!

So act now, and get both 'Beast Mode by Science' and '3-Day "Hollywood" Body' for only $49.95!

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Also, unlike with most (if not all) of my competition (i.e., other online fitness figures), you'll get access to FREE LIVE Q&As with me over at my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CoryRMcC


During these Q&As, you can chime in to ask questions, get clarification, or even just motivation, in REAL TIME, to help you achieve the best results with my programs.

So, what's stopping you? Purchase now for just $49.95! And for a limited time receive a FREE copy of '3-Day "Hollywood" Body'.

All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given after purchase. So, only finalize a purchase if you are certain you want the products.

If, for some reason, you do not receive it, e-mail cory@veganmuscleacademy.com and I will resolve the issue.

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