As many of you likely know from my Q&As, I support Donald Trump for President of the United States.

And I’ve gone over reasons why before, so I will spare you that talk here, and cut right to the point!

Recently, Donald Trump shared results from his medical tests LIVE with Dr. Oz.

Overall, he appears to be in good health for someone who just turned 70. And is claimed to be fit for Presidency.

Which is more than we can say about Clinton, given her repeated falling episodes and bizarre, almost seizure-like behavior.

Did you know that Trump’s testosterone levels are 441 nanograms per deciliter!

Which is 171 nanograms per deciliter into the normal range for adult males.

Not bad for a guy in his 70s!

However, Donald Trump is on the verge of being obese, weighing 236 pounds at 6 foot 3, which he claims his lifestyle has made difficult for him to lose. Furthermore, he is also taking a statin, which is a lipid-lowering medication used to assist with high cholesterol levels.

And his penchant for fast food certainly wouldn’t be helping matters… all of those animal-based, fatty, cholesterol-laden meals.

An OBVIOUS lifestyle factor he could adjust right away! And should!

I submit that Donald Trump should go vegan! He should also clearly get more exercise than occassional Golf… but, first and foremost… he should go vegan.

And then concern himself about becoming Donald Pump.

Research demonstrates that a strict vegan diet can help maintain or achieve desirable blood lipid levels.

In fact, vegans have lowest levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL compared to both omnivores and vegetarians!

Even in hereditary cases of high-cholesterol, a switch to a vegan diet lowered LDL cholesterol by an average of 10%!

According to a recent meta-analysis, a vegan diet can reduce the incidence and/or mortality from coronary artery disease by 25%, as well as a 15% reduction in incidence of cancer!

Furthermore, according to a study on 37,875 healthy men and women, vegans had a lower BMI compared to vegetarians and meat eaters!

Now, I am not a doctor, but the researchs demonstrates that simply by going vegan, Trump COULD very well achieve desirable cholesterol levels, and even shed some of that weight he’s carrying around.

In turn, he may even be able to get off his cholesterol meds.

But, while I may not be a doctor, Kim Williams, president of the American College of Cardiology, is. And he advises his patients, who are struggling with weight, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, to adopt a plant-based diet due to the cardiovascular benefits.

And your friend, Dr. Oz, has even discussed the benefits of the vegan diet, and even claims, and I quote: “it can significantly lower cholesterol, reduce diabetes and obesity risk, and even reduce the risk of death from a heart attack by about 25%.”

So, Donald Trump… you should go vegan!

So, while he’s on a mission to make America great again… he can do the same for his heart health!

Anyway… I hope you all enjoyed this episode… it is a little something different. It was meant to be informative, but also fun in the process.

I seriously doubt Trump will EVER find out about this video, though it would be awesome if he did. AND if he went vegan… or even gave it a 30 day challenge — and see how he feels.

And if it’s about time-constraints, I am sure Trump can afford to hire a personal chef to cook up some healthful vegan dishes while he’s on the go.

And there is vegan fast food, too… if Trump really must. Especially here in NYC. Including the ever-popular Cinnamon Snail food trucks!

But, even though it’s vegan, fast food won’t make you slim. But, nonetheless, it exists.

Anyhow, do drop comments below… and let me know what you think. Would be interesting to see how many Trump supporters I have in my midst… if you’re not too shy to admit to it.

The haters ALWAYS make themselves obvious.


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