Do THIS for a 42% GREATER Sperm Count! (RESEARCH!)

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Now… I had once mentioned in an older video that the sperm count among western men, on average, has been rapidly-declining since the early 70’s. In fact, as of 2011, men in western nations had a 59.3% lower sperm count, on average, than did men 38 years prior.

With that being said, one of the topics I consider paramount to discuss on this channel is self-improvement for men, especially in a day-and-age when pretty much all things masculine is under constant attack by the left and the media.

And you all know that there is one activity that I strongly urge ALL men to undertake… and that is consistent weight training!

I’ve discussed time and again how weight training, building lean muscle and maintaining healthy body fat levels can make you more attractive, help you live longer, prevent cancer, etc.

But… regular weight training also appears to be beneficial for your reproductive health, at least according to research from England with a sample size of 231 men.

So, for the men watching this video who are trying to start a family, or eventually want to do so, or simply like the idea of being more virile and potent and “shoot” like a perverted fireman, then listen up!

According to the English research that I had mentioned, men who spent 2 or more hours per week lifting weights experienced a 25% increase in sperm count compared to men who did not lift weights. Moreover, men who spent more than 90 minutes each week engaging in physical activity outdoors possessed a 42% higher sperm concentration than those who spent no time outdoors. However, men who spent a great amount of time bicycling had a 34% lower sperm concentration; which is just something to keep in mind.

The moral of the story is… if you are not regularly lifting weights or getting active outdoors, then you are doing yourself a disservice as a man; you are also not living up to your fullest potential for your wife or girlfriend… or potential wife or girlfriend.

Maybe if more men today engaged in regular weight training and physical, outdoor activities, then the average sperm count would be higher!

And there are NO excuses! I don’t want to hear anyone whining about the pandemic, lockdowns or gyms being closed. When something is important to you… you’ll find a way!

I currently live in New York City, and the gyms here have been closed since March 16th with no foreseeable plans for reopening.

Yet, despite my lack of commercial gym access, I am looking and feeling better than BEFORE the lockdown!

Yet I live and train in a small, Manhattan apartment, with zero access to a rack, a barbell, machines, etc. All I have at my disposal are a pair of dumbbells, some bands and bodyweight movements!

You may even remember that I recently produced a video demonstrating Bulgarian Split Squats using my toilet in place of a bench!

So, yeah… there are NO excuses!

And if you need some guidance and structure, do grab a copy of my home and travel workout PDF, which even includes a bodyweight-only routine. That PDF costs less than a ‘grande’ coffee at Starbucks!

By picking it up you’ll be doing yourself a favor, your girl a favor, current or future, and supporting this channel at the same time.

That PDF is linked just below in the description, so go grab yourself a copy!

And before the trolls suggests that you should be eating meat to improve your semen quality and hormone values, a paper out of Spain, published in 2019, with a sample size of 209 predominantly Caucasian men, aged 18-23, found that total meat intake, including red meat, had no impact on either semen quality nor sex hormone levels, such as testosterone and estrogen. The only exceptions were shellfish intake, which did seem to increase sperm motility, and organ meats, which actually DECREASED sperm motility. However, in the case of both shellfish and organ meat consumption, sex hormones did not seem to play any role in the witnessed effects on sperm motility.

So, no, meat isn’t some miracle food that’s going to make you manlier. Rather, go lift some fucking weights and get active outdoors!

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