Disadvantages of Being Attractive? (New RESEARCH!)


It’s been a while since I’ve done a video on sex and/or sexual attraction and behaviors.

I believe the last one I did was back in late January, if I am not mistaken. Unless you count the video I did in late April regarding disturbing STD figures.

In any case, in plenty of videos I’ve covered the ways that men can improve their sexual market value with women. And not just financially, but also with regards to looks. In fact, more so with regards to looks.

I’ve discussed the ideal amount of facial hair, body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. All supported by research.

I feel that this topic is valuable because reproduction is a biological imperative for all organisms. And I’ve also discussed the positive effect that sex and committed, loving relationships have on a man’s well-being, health and longevity.

It boils down to my classic channel motto: “fit, formidable and fantastic”… you know, “go F yourself”!

And, of course, since 91.3% of my audience is male, according to my channel analytics, I often do videos geared toward that demographic.

Now, some new research published this past May, in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, sheds some light on male attractiveness and sex.

While the findings may or may not shock you, I feel that they are important to consider for more than one reason. So, guys, please take heed.

The researchers set out to explore the association between a man’s perceived attractiveness and condom use with his female sexual partners. Also, whether or not perceived attractiveness played any role in perceived health status, such as with STD’s. The final sample size of this study was 480 English-speaking women in Britain, aged from 18-to-32 years, who are sexually-active with men.

Initially, there were 574 participants, but 94 were disqualified for not completing the study, or for being attracted to women. So, it would appear that this study specifically focused on heterosexual women.

Factors that were assessed and controlled for were age, nation of birth, occupation, self-perceived attractiveness, satisfaction with one’s sex life, relationship status, lifetime number of sexual partners, STD status (both past and present), allergies to condom materials, condom use, as well as… oddly… how well they believed they could identify whether a man had an STD without actually asking him.

The biggest “hoe”… I mean “sexually liberated” woman… of them all was a 32 year old, single British women, who had slept with a total of 30 men, and had used condoms between 31-50% of the time.

She was followed close second by two Canadian women living in Britain, aged 22 and 20 respectively, who had already slept with 25 men each! One used condoms 91-100% of the time, the other 51-70% of the time. But, both had engaged in unprotected sex with MORE THAN 2 men within the last 6 months.

And the number of lifetime partners continues down from there… 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, etc. Many of these women only being in their late teens to early twenties!

In fact 40 of the women have had 10 or more sexual partners, with 6 of them having had 20 or more.

In any case, you can browse the full list, in all of its degeneracy, under the section titled “Supporting information” after the “Conclusions” section. It is in downloadable Excel format. And I’ve linked to the full paper at my blog.

In any case, the women were then asked to rate the attractiveness of 20 different men, and for each, confirm how likely they’d be, if they were single, to sleep with each of the 20 men. Moreover, how likely they’d be to use a condom with each of those men. They were also asked to determine how likely they believed each man was to be carrying an STD.

And when it came to condom use, researchers also controlled for whether or not the man, himself, WANTED, theoretically, to use a condom. To provide some example scenarios presented to the women: “getting him so sexually excited that he agreed to have sex without a condom”, “telling him how upset you would be if you did not have sex because you did not have a condom”, “reassuring him that you were ‘clean’ so that he would have sex without a condom”, and even engaging in “condom sabotage” and ‘‘preventing him from getting a condom by staying on top of him”! And those were just 5 of the scenarios.

Worse yet, HALF of the women in the study actually reported using AT LEAST one of those tactics on their male sexual partners! The most common one being “getting him really aroused and then starting to have sex without a condom”, a tactic used by 129 of the participants, which is more than a 1/4!

What the researchers found was that the more attractive a man was considered to be by the women, the more likely that they were to have sex with him, and the less likely they were to use condoms. Whereas, perceived attractiveness played no significant role on whether or not a woman thought a man had an STD. But, shockingly, even if a woman believed a man to have an STD, that did not deter her from sleeping with him! However, the more attractive that a woman perceived HERSELF to be, the more likely she was to believe that the men, overall, WERE infected with something.

Now, while only 1 out of the 480 women BELIEVED they currently had an STD, the keyword there being “believed”, 20 of the women confirmed that they’ve had at least one STD in the past.

So, guys, you need to keep this data in mind.

As you improve your appearance by manner of grooming, fitness, dress, etc., you can, in turn, attract more female attention. And the more attractive that you become, the more likely women will be to sleep with you, and the more likely they will also be to do so without protection… even IF you want to use it. And this includes using devious methods!

So, the risks and rewards of being attractive are quite intertwined when it comes to women.

Thus, you need to keep your wits about you. For example, don’t get drunk, thus lowering your inhibitions. Better yet, and this is something I strongly advocate… save sex for a dedicated, monogamous relationship. Because it isn’t just STD’s you need to worry about, but also knocking someone up.

Hell, even better yet… why not save it for marriage? Something, in hindsight, I wish I had done. Especially, now, after converting to Catholicism.

But, I’ll save that sort of discussion for another time. Some of my male viewers have requested it, feeling bad about their own sexual experience, or lack thereof. But, I will say this, there’s nothing to be ashamed of about being a virgin. Just remember, one way to combat degeneracy is to NOT engage in degeneracy yourself.

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Does attractiveness influence condom use intentions in women who have sex with men? http://dx.plos.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0217152

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