Cory McCarthy vs Joe Rogan’s Flawed Logic!

Recently a viewer asked me to discuss my thoughts on Joe Rogan’s argument that plants are living, intelligent beings, and therefore vegans are just as bad as those who consume meat.

I’ve decided to address this because it is a common, yet flawed argument I hear from the non-vegan camp frequently. And, I hadn’t yet created a “go to” video DIRECTLY addressing the topic.

Before we get into the science behind WHY Joe is wrong, I want to start by saying he is resorting to a logical fallacy known as a tu quoque, or an appeal to hypocrisy.

It is clear that Joe is trying, desperately, to justify his unnecessary actions by attempting to bring vegans down to his level.

He’s been presented with arguments that he cannot sufficiently counter, that have forced him to question his choices, and thus he resorts to logical fallacies such as this one.

Instead of just admitting that he is wrong, and making a positive change.

Now, onto the science.

Plants do not think, nor are they intelligent. It is more as if they “sense” and “respond”, says a botanist from the University of Washington.

Plants produce electric signals which dictate their responses, such as responding to light. Plants DO NOT have nerves.

Mammals, right up through humans, possess nociceptors, which exist IN the nervous system. They are crucial for our survival.

Nociceptors are sensory nerve cells that responds to damaging or potentially damaging stimuli, by sending signals to the spinal cord and brain. This process is called nociception, and causes the perception of pain in sentient beings.

So, while plants ARE quite sophisticated in a sense, they do not think, they are not “intelligent”, as Joe claims, and they do not have a nervous system like animals do.

You know, like the ones Joe hunts and eats.

Plants do not possess nociceptors, and thus they cannot feel nor respond to pain in any manner similar to mammals.

It is therefore intellectually-absurd for Mr. Rogan to even attempt such a comparison.

Furthermore, there are 2,500 studies confirming animal sentience. That animals want to live in peace, safety and absence from fear, pain and suffering, just as humans do.

And, if you consider the more recent research published on fish, there are now even MORE supportive studies confirming animal sentience.

Sentience being the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

Nutritionally-speaking we do not require animal products for survival or to thrive; not at any stage of life, and not even as athletes.

Whereas plants can actually THRIVE from being eaten.

In fact, it could be considered a biological IMPERATIVE for plants to be eaten! When seeded plants are consumed, their seeds are later spread via defecation.

Granted, humans aren’t shitting in the wilds like many animals, but that doesn’t change that natural purpose or intent.

Animals, however, gain NO biological benefit from being consumed. When their digested remains are later shat out, another animal will not grow in the spot of deposit.

So, to conclude, Joe Rogan’s plant argument is intellectually-flawed and ignorant. He needs to stop making excuses for his violent actions, stop resisting, take responsibility, and change!

Because, if he truly DIDN’T care, he wouldn’t be taking to social media like he has with such absurd declarations and attempted justifications, to try and counter the vegan arguments.

Obviously, we’ve left him feeling a pinch.


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