Cory McCarthy Vegan Bodybuilding Day of Eating – Vacation Edition!

So, people have asked me a number of times before how I handle my diet when I am far from home. Not just far, but in a foreign country even.

Well this episode is for you!

While I will be primarily detailing my meal plan that I had followed while I was traveling around Britain, for a month, this past July.

I will also end things by sharing a useful tip that I had learned during my more vegan-UNfriendly trip to the Greek island of Santorini, back in June 2014.

My precise calorie and macro-breakdown for England, which I had pre-planned before I left, using foods I knew I could find easily.

This is a caloric deficit for my body and needs, but slightly less of one than I usually utilize on a cut.

Being that I was also away to enjoy myself, I did allow myself treats on top of this baseline amount — so, cut, I did not.

There are just so many fantastic spots for vegans in the UK. Shit I cannot even find in the US, like vegan custards. I was not going to deny myself.

And I also made some of my own treats, as demonstrated in a recent instructional video that I created showing how to make a raw berry vegan cheesecake!

Definitely check that video out. The results were VERY tasty!

Anyway… let’s get onto the day-of-eating, shall we?

Unfortanely, I do not have video footage of the meals, so I will be using photographs instead.

Per usual, I stuck to my preferred intermittent fasting schedule. I would wake, have some coffee or tea, and hold off on my first meal until around 2pm.

At 2pm, I would typically have 200 grams of oats, covered with 250 mililiters of hemp milk for my daily Omega 3s. I used the Good Hemp brand. Along with this I would either have 2 large bananas, as pictured here, or 100 grams of mixed dried fruit. On the side, I’d have a scoop of soy isolate protein in water. I’d also take a multi-vitamin with this meal.

If it was a rest day, like it was for this particular day of eating, I’d have a snack around 6pm.

This snack would consist of 2 scoops of soy isolate with 2 large bananas.

If it was a training day, I’d simply blend this particular snack together, and enjoy it on my way back from the gym.

My final meal would typically fall around 10pm, like usual.

At this meal, I’d consume 300 grams of tofu, specifically the Clearspring brand. Along with this, I’d have 100 grams of frozen spinach, and 270 grams of full-fat hummus.

And that was it for the core meal plan while I was away. As I said earlier, I built my meal plan arounds foods I knew I could easily get ahold of in the UK, thus no Beyond Meat products.

And this brings me to my BIG piece of advice for vegan travelers, and that is PREPARATION!

Now, many of you may be thinking… preparation is so obvious. Well, you’d think so, right? But, actually, most people simply forget or don’t know to prepare. They assume that everything will be the same or similar while away from home.

And in some places of the word — that is simply not the case for vegans.

Always know what to expect for where you’re going to be — do not assume anything, because you might end up in a squeeze.

Contact locals that you may know — especially vegans. Get advice. Look online at local supermarkets, if possible… for instance, Waitrose in the UK. Who also delivers!

I mentioned earlier that Santorini was difficult for a vegan — specificially a vegan bodybuilder, whose needs are a bit… higher.

I was told by a vegan Greek friend, in advance, to ensure that I brought my own protein powder. That, at least on the islands, tofu is next-to-impossible to come by, and soy milk, in and of itself, is very difficult.

I came to find upon arrival, in beautiful Santorini, that this friend was not joking!

So, I packed 5 pounds of my custom blend vegan protein from True Nutrition in preparation of my trip, and lived off that + fruits, nuts, seeds, and fava beans for the duration. Hey, it got me through 10 days, worry-free.

And I had no issues with TSA, either. As the mylar protein bag was clearly labeled, and still sealed. In fact, I’ve never had issue traveling with protein powder to any destination.

Without that protein powder, though, I’d have been rather fucked to meet my protein requirements for my level of muscle mass and activity.

If you’re interested in learning more about my personal protein blends, head to the description below, and download my free PDF detailing everything on that topic. Including why I mix what I do.

And, that’s it! Please drop some comments below, and let me know what you think. Perhaps provide some advice of your own for the world-traveling vegans among us.

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