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Broscientists, Supplement Companies & Meat-Eaters Hate Him!

A hot, new paper has been making some waves recently regarding protein needs for muscle and strength, as well as timing, and source.

It offers a definitive answer to often-asked questions.

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I haven’t done a day-of-eating video in a while, and people ask for these, so here’s a new one!

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Alpha Male in a Pill?

There are many defining characteristics of a stereotypical “alpha male”. One of them is speaking up for yourself — and not accepting unfair treatment from others.

In other words — don’t be someone’s fucking doormat!

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Paul Joseph Watson Is STILL Wrong, BUT…

When I made my Paul Joseph Watson response this past weekend, I expected there to be backlash from Paul’s loyal fanbase.

I’ve seen it before when I called out Varg Vikernes and Kinobody, for example.

So, ultimately, it was no shock when the trolls came rolling in, as predicted, with vacuous, repetitive, regurgitated drivel.

However, among the wasteland of fanboys and fangirls, who were clearly triggered by both a bean as well as their idol being refuted, it WAS refreshing to engage in some constructive dialogue among the melee.

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