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Varg Vikernes (ThuleanPerspective) vs Vegan

It has been requested of me to respond to Varg Vikernes’ statements against veganism. Varg runs a relatively popular YouTube channel called ThuleanPerspective, which discusses European, survivalist, and related interests.

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CAN’T BE VEGAN! Non-Dairy Milk HURTING Children!

#FakeNews #BadScience #Milk #Dairy

One of my regular viewers, Daisy Summer Love, has repeatedly requested that I tackle this.

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Response to Faith Goldy: Is Soy Feminizing the West?

On June 15th, Rebel Media released a video featuring journalist Faith Goldy which blames soy for the feminization of men in the West. I will link that video below in the description.

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Responding to Retards: Animal vs Plant Protein (AWESOME NEW RESEARCH!)

As you all can imagine, I deal with the brain-dead every day… either on social media or in the real world.

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