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Got an interesting one for you all this week, which serves as a perfect follow-up to last week’s video titled “Women Prefer Men With This”.

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Talking to Retards: Episode 1 – “Food Doesn’t Build Muscle”

So, I’ve decided to launch an informative and quite offensive new series called “Talking to Retards”, which YouTube will likely demonetized right from the starting gates for, at the very least, being “yugely” un-PC.

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Re: Vegan Gains and Intermittent Fasting (RESEARCH)

This video is in response to Richard, aka Vegan Gains, regarding intermittent fasting. Richard recently presented arguments against IF, albeit with supportive research, in his response to OFFICIALTHENX, aka Chris Heria.

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The TRUTH About Vitamin B12 (VEGANS VS. NON-VEGANS!)

I came across a paper the other day that I found interesting.

I feel it answers some common questions that people have, as well as putting some harmful myths to bed.

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