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Get Out (For the Sake of Your Health)

Cities… dirty, over-populated, over-priced, over-taxed shitholes inhabited by wildlife such as feminist hambeasts, low-testosterone nu-males, beta Antifa, hordes of thots, welfare vampires, and whatever-the-fuck-this-thing-is, etc.

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Another Testosterone Myth BUSTED!! (MUST WATCH!!)

We’re all getting older. Some of us are just farther up that hill than others.

It doesn’t matter, my viewers, if you are currently a fit and fiery 18 year old… one day you’ll be pushing 45 and middle age. Because time flies!

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Activities Proven to Increase Testosterone Levels SIGNIFICANTLY

I wanted to talk about something a bit different than training and nutrition in this episode. But, certainly something that can benefit your training, and also your overall life.

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The TRUTH About MY Veganism (& How I REALLY Feel)

Given the spotlight cast on ex-vegans at the moment, as well as the anti-vegan sentiments coming out of the carnivore camp, I’ve decided to do a no-bullshit summary of my own life and experiences as a vegan.

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