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Want to Live Longer? Have One of These! (New RESEARCH!)

This video will be a change of pace from the recent ex-vegan and carnivore topics I’ve been covering. It focuses on something ALL of you, whether vegan, omnivore, carnivore, or whatever you may be, can put to use in your lives to a positive benefit.

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THIS Can Instantly Attract A Woman! (And Research Proves It)

I got some interesting research to share this week. It relates to fragrances, hormones, and ultimately sexual attraction.

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In this video, I wanted to share a piece of rather disgusting, viral news published just a few days ago, and use that to draw a bit of perspective. This will not be one of my typical evidence-based videos, but rather an opinion piece.

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Get Out (For the Sake of Your Health)

Cities… dirty, over-populated, over-priced, over-taxed shitholes inhabited by wildlife such as feminist hambeasts, low-testosterone nu-males, beta Antifa, hordes of thots, welfare vampires, and whatever-the-fuck-this-thing-is, etc.

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