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Started Eating Meat Again For Purely Selfish Reasons

So, this will be my first and only video release this week. As many of you are aware from my previous, hour-long live Q&A video I had been in England for the first three weeks of July.

But, I actually got stuck there an additional week due to a flight complication. Thus, it threw off my normal production schedule.

Whatever the case, I’m back now… and ready to churn out regular content again. I want to kick off with a great question from one of my viewers named Shawn.

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ASK CORY: The Truth About TVP [Textured Vegetable Protein]

So, here I am with another installment of Ask Cory. And this is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I’d make a quick video on the topic.

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“Drs. Said I HAVE to Eat Meat!” (Nickel Allergy)

So, this episode is going to be based on a viewer’s comment that I recently received.  One that offered me a challenge — to help this person, with a specific condition, remain vegan.

And I do love a good challenge.

And while the advice herein won’t likely apply directly to most of you, I feel there are things we can all take away from this — for example:

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