Calling Out Blatant Misinformation!

With the growing number of ex-vegans giving testimonials about how the vegan diet has harmed them in some manner, I feel that it is ever-important to cast spotlight on and correct nutritional misinformation. Especially when it is so painfully blatant as the one I will be sharing with you in this video.

It seems obvious to me, but clearly not to everyone, that many of these ex-vegans had followed highly-inadvisable raw diets, high-carb-low-fat, fruitarian, or other similarly-stupid approaches and fads that fall under the vegan umbrella.

Or, in the case of people like Bobbie Risto, who is a well-known patient of the scholarly and renowned Dr. Mushrooms, they’ve diet-hopped, and that’s included hopping into some or all of the aforementioned inadvisable diets for periods of time.

Some of these ex-vegans have even admitted to NEVER supplementing with B12 for years. The problem is, B12 is NOT present in most (if not all) plant foods. Which is why supplementation is absolutely crucial for a vegan!

Don’t be a stupid purist, and don’t make appeals to nature, a logical fallacy the carnivore crowd also tends to be guilty of.

And where B12 is present in plant foods, such as in broccoli, asparagus, bean sprouts, and tea leaves, it is only available in a trace amount, and therefore not considered to be an adequate source for your daily intake.

Or, in the case of nori and spirulina, the B12 content isn’t bio-available.

Yet, guess where the blame is routinely placed? I’ll give you a second…

Times up!

The answer is: on veganism, of course!

No personal responsibility is assumed, and the culprit is typically someone else or something else.

Maybe that’s just because vegans are 2.5 times more likely to be liberals, according to a 2018 Gallup poll.

And liberals just don’t place higher value on personal responsibility like conservatives do, according to 2019 research.

But, in any case, some people are just genuinely misinformed or misled, and not adept at fact-checking and research. Enter this video.

Recently, an article published on Microsoft News via PureWow came to my attention.

It is one of those ubiquitous, click-baity nutrition articles regarding a food that provides some specific beauty benefit. In this case, a fruit which can prevent your hair from going gray.

“So, what’s the problem?” You may be asking.

Well, allow me to shock you!

The brief article shares the advice of a nutritionist named Frida Harju-Westman, who claims that tangerines can improve hair and skin health due to their nutritive properties, such as vitamins C and A, which she claims can assist in hydration, as well as collagen and sebum production.

But, then the article takes a sharp turn for the potentially harmful to anyone who may rely on its advice.

This nutritionist, Frida, goes on to claim, and I quote, “that the B12 in tangerines can help slow down the graying process.” I repeat, “the B12 in tangerines”. Let that sink in.

Uh… tangerines don’t contain any fucking B12, Frida! Literally… nada, zip, zero, zilch!

At first, I had hoped this was just a glaring typo, but it really does appear that B12 deficiency can cause reversible premature graying.

So, at this point I am starting to doubt this was a typo. And I am starting to believe that Frida, unfortunately, believes tangerines actually contain vitamin B12.

What the fuck, Frida?! That is some serious misinformation to be peddling!

What if someone reading that article, such as a vegan who wishes to forgo supplements, decides to rely on tangerines for their B12 needs? Trusting your word, as a nutritionist, in a published article.

B12 deficiency is a serious medical condition, and not to be fucked with. It can lead to anemia, nerve damage, vision loss, mental problems, and other nasty symptoms. Not just gray-fucking-hair!

At this point, I did some digging on Frida Harju-Westman, to find out what, precisely, her reach is.

It turns out she is one of the in-house nutritionist at a company called Lifesum.

Lifesum is a Stockholm-based tech startup geared toward healthy-living, whose app has in excess of 30-million members worldwide at the moment!

God knows what misinformation has been peddled to that massive user base, either by Frida or another employee, or how many people have read the article that I shared from MSN.

I do hope that PureWow’s writer, Alexia Dellner, or Frida, herself, end up watching this video. Or even people who have read that article.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below. And that includes directing my attention to any articles that you feel are inaccurate, and you’d like me to review or comment on. Maybe I’ll do future videos of this sort.

And if Alexia or Frida DO watch this video, don’t be shy… drop a comment too!


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