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This VEGAN’S Thoughts About Hunting + More

This time around I’ve decided to quickly address a couple things that I’ve encountered quite often in the comments of my videos.

First, I want to address a question I am often asked: What are my thoughts on people HUNTING for their meat, versus supporting animal agriculture?

Hunting wild animals for meat certainly doesn’t FINANCIALLY support the animal agriculture industry.

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ASK CORY: Vegan Bodybuilding For Teens

Welcome back to another episode!  

I want to start by giving ALL of my viewers… AND haters… a huge THANK YOU for helping my channel reach yet ANOTHER milestone in just the past couple of days breaking the 1 million total channel views mark!

My channel has been steadily growing of late, especially over the past couple weeks.  And I just want to thank ALL of you for your support… and, yes, even hate.  All the views, comments and interaction, even up or down votes, count.  All of this helps give my brand of vegan message exposure.

So, thank you ALL!

Today, I wanted to do another Ask Cory episode, and will be addressing an inquiry from a viewer named Jeanpierre on a very specific vegan topic.

First and foremost… the teen years, specifically between the ages of 17 and 18, are some of the most naturally-productive years to begin bodybuilding.

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“Drs. Said I HAVE to Eat Meat!” (Nickel Allergy)

So, this episode is going to be based on a viewer’s comment that I recently received.  One that offered me a challenge — to help this person, with a specific condition, remain vegan.

And I do love a good challenge.

And while the advice herein won’t likely apply directly to most of you, I feel there are things we can all take away from this — for example:

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