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How to Get Enough Protein as a Vegan Bodybuilder?

Quite recently I did a detailed video discussing the bioavailability and quality of vegan proteins, when compared to animal-based, as well as my research-based intake recommendations for vegan bodybuilders and strength athletes.

This video is sort of a follow-up, to clarify things one step further.  This is for those who are genuinely confused how to meet their protein needs AS a vegan lifter.

How to hit those higher-than-average targets based on bodyweight.

First off, I want to reinforce that my protein recommendation is based on LEAN body weight. Not total.

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Orgasms and YOUR Testosterone Health!

In this episode I wanted to quickly explore a popular topic, but also one that is popularly misunderstood in today’s health and fitness-focused crowd: The effects of masturbation, sex and orgasm on testosterone.

For instance:  Does refraining from sex or orgasm improve athletic performance?  Can sex or orgasm hurt gains?  Does ejaculation lower testosterone levels?

How DOES masturbation, sex and orgasm REALLY affect men and women hormonally?

Well, I’m here to give you the low-down on gettin’ down and dirty.

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