Attract a Woman NOW | No Bullshit!! (EVIDENCE-BASED)


Well, I’m back. I took some much needed time off last week.

Frankly, with the abysmal performance of my last few videos, and YouTube’s relentless assault on my channel through incessant demonetization and deranking, and even a forced purge of 100 subscribers on the 9th, I’ve just felt a bit burned-out, thus I took a much needed break.

For fuck’s sake, when you search for my content using Google’s video search, my YouTube videos do NOT come up in the results. Only my blog entries do, as highlighted here.

Yet, if you perform that same search using Yahoo, my YouTube content is NOT withheld; as you can clearly see here.

And that is NOT the case with, say, PewDiePie’s content using Google search. Just for a little comparison.

So, clearly, Google is suppressing my content; shadow-banning me if you will. And this is something I heard Tim Pool complaining about recently.

This is why I constantly request your support by way of likes, shares, Patreon pledges, eBook purchases, and the use of my affiliate links and codes such as Amazon and True Nutrition.

You, my loyal viewers, are quite literally this channel’s lifeline. Without your support, there doesn’t seem to be much point in continuing given the amount of time and effort that I put into each video, with everything else that’s on my plate.

Anyway, rant over! On with the video.

Videos, such as this one, discussing topics like women, attraction, and/or sexual success have proven to be some of my more engaging content.

And guys have told me that they feel empowered by these videos, and motivated to bettering themselves. And that’s exactly what I want to see!

I believe that some guys simply need a little nudge to truly awaken their self-confidence. A little dose of perspective to significantly improve their outlook and subsequent success.

Enter the purpose of this video… a big ol’ dose of evidence-based perspective!

According to the CDC, only 53.3% of US adults meet the government’s recommended aerobic physical activity guidelines, and only 23.2%… I repeat 23.2%… let that sink in… meet BOTH the aerobic and muscle-strengthening guidelines. And that’s just the BASIC guidelines.

That means that nearly 77% of Americans, or 251,289,600 people at the time of survey, which was 2018, didn’t even meet the BASIC strength training recommendations set forth by the US government.

Which is as little as 2-or-more days per week of at least moderate-intensity weight training, working all of the major muscle groups.

So, if you’re one of the guys who watch my channel, and you follow my advice re: fitness, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle, you fall, at the VERY least, within the top 23% of Americans physically-speaking.

But, just how many folks in the top 23% actually lift intensely and consistently enough to produce head-turning results in strength and/or size? More specifically, how many are men?

Well, based on available data, I can tell you this, as of 2015, only 8.9% of Americans engaged in weightlifting as a sport, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of that 8.9%, 70.3% were men.

Which means that only about 6-and-a-1/4 % of American men engaged in weightlifting as a sport as of 2015.

Ergo, if you’re one of the men who watch my channel, and you follow my aforementioned advice, at the very least you’d be within the top 7% of American men physically-speaking. Just think about that for a moment.

And if you caught my recent video regarding American obesity projections, you’d know that by 2030 the physical state of your average American will be MUCH worse than it is now. 50% of Americans are projected to be obese by 2030. Not overweight OR obese, but full-blown obese!

Which means that followers of this channel and adherents to my advice are basically gonna be a population rarity, physically-speaking. To provide you with a visual representation of the divide we can expect by 2030; pictured on the left is Eric Helms, a natural bodybuilder with, admittedly, rather average physical genetics. Pictured on the right is some obese dude that I found on Google image search. And that dude on the right is projected to become rather commonplace by 2030.

Why am I telling you this? Simply put, to offer you perspective and to MOTIVATE you! To push you to be the very fucking best that you can be, and to increase your market value in the process.

To give you a quantifiable sense of where you truly stand compared to other men in the field, and where you could stand within the next decade if you bust your ass.

Not only is weight training demonstrably good for building lean muscle, strengthening bones, managing weight, improving quality of life, managing chronic health conditions, and improving brain health, but I’ve done countless research-based videos on how it can effectively make men more appealing to the opposite sex. Just search keywords such as “attraction”, “women”, or even “sex” on this channel, and you shall find those detailed videos.

So, it’s both good for you AND good for your love life… which can also be good for you!

Unless, of course, you opt for bat-shit crazy, as Johnny Depp can attest to.

But, what about my own personal experience? Does my advice actually work for me? Well, I don’t go around filming my day-to-day life, but I can show you evidence from my social media.

These are 2 examples of very recent photos of me that I’ve shared on Facebook. One is from last Saturday, the other is from Monday.

And THESE are some of the comments that I have received from women on Facebook, in response to my photos, or on YouTube, in response to my videos.

Now, granted, women aren’t generally as forward in public as they are on social media, unless, of course, they’re drunk or fucking crazy, but it’s obvious that they’re looking!

So, don’t let anyone fool you… having a built, strong-looking body DOES get you female attention. Research proves this, and it is also supported by anecdote and observation, including my own.

Of course, a good body isn’t the end-all-be-all, but don’t think for a minute it doesn’t matter, and won’t work in your favor! There are simply primal urges and biological reasons for why women are attracted to strong, healthy men.

Especially, in a day and age when testosterone levels have been plummeting among American men by an average of about 1% per year since the late 80’s!

Therefore, being a guy who is healthy and strong… and visibly so… WILL set you apart from the majority of dudes; the GROWING majority of dudes, in fact. And women, by-and-large, are CRAVING what you can offer, especially as their mate choices are shrinking faster than Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Even feminists, admittedly, desire REAL men. Not these “woke”, castrated nu-males which have become the commonplace.

Granted, being able-bodied and physically-attractive is only part of the equation to reproductive success. It is not the end-all-be-all. You do need to get your shit together with regards to career, finances, and your personality as well.

You also have to exude confidence in yourself; women aren’t just going to fall in your lap. They want a man who displays drive and ambition.

Even “woke” women, admittedly, still want men to engage in traditional courtship behaviors, such as chasing, proposing, initiating sex, etc. Despite all of their bullshit rhetoric to the contrary.

Luckily for you, weight-training has also been shown in both research and anecdote to directly and indirectly heighten one’s self-esteem. So, that’s even more reason to lift!

The way I’ve always described it is this: your body is your resume, and it can score you a date, like a strong CV can land you a job interview. But, you’ll need to rely on everything else that makes you YOU, such as your behavior, how you present yourself, your character and your personality, etc. to land you the job, and to keep said job once you’ve secured it. The job, in this case, being boyfriend / husband / family man.

So, I hope this video has given you all some much needed perspective and motivation to get your asses into gear. Perhaps you’re more of a commodity than you thought? And that’s why perspective is so useful.

And for those who are uninterested in finding a partner and/or starting a family, well… keep on keepin’ on, I guess. To each their own.

Whenever I do videos of this sort I always end up with a few of the “fuck women” and other MGTOW-type comments. Just bear in mind, not all guys want to live that kind of life. In fact, I’d argue that most don’t. Many of us DO want to share our lives with one good girl. Emphasis on “good”, and they DO exist.

Just as I vehemently disapprove of feminists broadly branding all men as toxic rapists and misogynists, I also take issue with men doing similar to all women. I truly feel that neither feminism nor MGTOW are doing the West any favors. Both are causing a divide in their own right.

But, hey, if you truly think that flying solo serves you now, and will continue to serve you 20, 30, 40 plus years in the future… more power to you. But, if even a small part of you thinks you may regret that decision down the line, perhaps you should explore why that is before it’s too late.

Anyway, do leave your thoughts and comments below on what inevitably is, but shouldn’t be a contentious topic.


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