ASK CORY: Vegan Bodybuilding For Teens

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Today, I wanted to do another Ask Cory episode, and will be addressing an inquiry from a viewer named Jeanpierre on a very specific vegan topic.

First and foremost… the teen years, specifically between the ages of 17 and 18, are some of the most naturally-productive years to begin bodybuilding.

As this is a time when both genders’ testosterone levels will naturally be at their highest potential, barring any existing health issues.

As you could see in that screen grab, a 17-18 year old male’s upper range of testosterone production is actually 11% higher than the upper range of your average adult male.

However, just because there’s a potential for that upper range, does not mean that everyone will reach those higher-end levels of production.  Even at 17 to 18.

So, don’t feel bad if you’ve missed out on that window of time… hell, I certainly did!  This does NOT imply that you cannot build decent muscle, health-allowing, at any age.

Or, if you’re doing everything you can FOR your overall, and thus hormone health, that you might not even achieve growth and strength SIMILAR, if not the same, as many teens.

But, if you ARE 17 to 18, or heading that direction… and watching this… that’s a great time to begin!

Which brings to me my next set of quick, related tips.  Trying to naturally optimize your natural hormone levels!  And, really, this goes for anyone at any age.

Let’s kick off with some diet tips!

1.  Ensure you get enough dietary fat!  Research has shown that consuming less than 20% of your calories, more accurately calculated based on maintenance calories, leads to sex hormone decline in both men and women.

And to save myself rehashing all the minute details on this subject, please check out my evidence-based video “The Truth About Low-Fat Diets!”.

2.  Ensure you get enough dietary zinc! As a zinc deficiency is linked to significantly lower serum testosterone values in otherwise healthy men!

And there are a myriad of plant foods that can provide ample zinc for vegans, including soy products, beans, nuts, seeds and veggies.

3.  Ensure you stay trim and lean. As obesity in the teen years has been demonstrated to reduce total testosterone by 50% compared to healthier males, and potentially increase the risk of impotence and infertility in adulthood.

Furthermore, a number of studies show a correlation between higher levels of abdominal region fat, both visceral and subcutaneous, and lower levels of serum testosterone.

4.  Ensure you get plenty of sleep.  As sleep is not only paramount for health and recovery, but sleep loss also reduces testosterone levels.

Other than that, focus on a solid diet.  Ensure you’re eating enough overall calories for your body and goals, in this case muscle-building, without going overboard of course, and getting fat.  

Also ensure you’re getting enough protein for adequate tissue repair.

And I’ve covered protein needs, in great detail, specifically for VEGAN strength athletes, in two relatively recent evidence-based videos.  Do check them out.

And, aside from diet and sleep, there’s training!

As a beginner… you want to focus on the big core compounds.  Getting strong and proficient at those.  You want to build a solid foundation of size and strength by which you will grow from as you progress.

I often liken bodybuilding to sculpting, as cliche as that sounds.  And this is how I instruct my beginner clients over at the Vegan Muscle Academy.

You start by building a solid foundation… working the basic shape, size and structure.  From there, once that foundation is achieved, you add, sculpt, mould and carve in the details.  Bit by bit, bringing you toward your vision.

Research has demonstrated that higher-frequency training is better than lower when it comes to optimized hypertrophy.  In other words, training everything more often in a given period of time — for instance, per week.

And, I’ve covered frequency in detail, backed by research, in a previous Ask Cory installment.

Another key to successful muscle growth is adequate training volume.  Research has also demonstrated that more overall volume, per session, begets better growth results than less.  Within reason, of course — don’t burn yourself out with 2 to 3 hour training sessions.

And just like with frequency, I’ve also covered volume in detail in yet another Ask Cory installment.

And, really, that covers the basics.  But, I got something special just for you, you can download a FREE PDF detailing a full 3-day, beginner’s routine, that I personally devised, that will get you started packing on a foundation of mass and strength!

Just be sure to utilize this routine with proper diet and ample sleep!

And if you need a more comprehensive helping hand with diet and nutrition I do provide various coaching options, by popular demand, from group-level to private, at the Vegan Muscle Academy.

Anyhow… I hope you have all found this episode informative.  Those are just some of the big basics to keep in mind as a teen or beginner.

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