ASK CORY: The Truth About TVP [Textured Vegetable Protein]

So, here I am with another installment of Ask Cory. And this is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I’d make a quick video on the topic.

Textured vegetable protein, or TVP for short, is a VERY high-quality source of plant-based protein.

A single ounce serving contains only 93 calories, ZERO grams of fat, only 3 grams of non-fiber carbs, AND packs 14 fucking grams of protein!

Thus, a hair over 60% of TVP’s calorie content is from protein! In my opinion, it offers an excellent way for vegans to meet their protein requirements, without adding fat to their diet, and only adding a few grams of carbs.

In other words, it is incredibly flexible for those who are strict with their macro intake.

It is also worth noting that TVP is a rich source of dietary iron, magnesium and phosphorous… offering 18%, 21% and 20% Daily Value of each respectively in a single ounce serving. Along with 9% of your Daily Value in calcium.

Not bad!

Now, as for it being a processed food. Bear in mind, simply cooking your food will “process” it. Technically.

And I am an advocate of mixed dieting, as I’ve emphasized in previous videos on this channel. So… some cooked, some raw, where appropriate.

And I’ve linked my most recent video where I discuss my thoughts on raw dieting, backed by research, in the references of this video. So, check it out for more on that topic.

So, simply due to the fact that I advocate mixed dieting implies that I am cool with “processing” food. In some manner.

But, if we look at the ingredients list for TVP at least the Bob’s Red Mill product, you will notice that it only contains defatted soy flour.

And that’s it! Very simple for a packaged product. Not even so much as added salt.

Versus, say, a mock meat like Beast Burger, by Beyond Meat, which has a long list of ingredients that go into making the final product.

Now, I am not demonizing mock meats, or other packaged foods with book-long ingredients lists.

You can most certainly enjoy them, and reach your goals for health and fitness at the same time.

In fact, respected sport nutrition expert Alan Aragon wrote a well-referenced research review article a couple of years ago titled “The Dirt On Clean Eating”.

The article elaborated, based on a body of existing research, that so long as you base 80-90% your calorie intake on whole or MINIMALLY-processed foods, you can still maximize health, longevity, body composition, and training performance.

In other words, enjoying 10-20% of your calories per day from foods that undergo more than minimal processing should not, ultimately, pose any problems.

And even in the case of something like the aforementioned Beast Burger, with its massive ingredients list it is still arguably packs a nutritous punch per serving.

In other words… it isn’t just empty junk, like cakes, pies or cookies. The shit you should REALLY be avoiding, or severely limiting.

Anyhow… that really about sums up what I have to say on the topic.

So, my final word on TVP is — feel free to utilize it as a quality vegan protein source, that is both nutritious AND macro-flexible.

If you don’t have any allergies or medical reasons to avoid to soy, that is.


TVP, Red Mill Brand

My video “More Evidence Against Fully Raw Diets!”

TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)

Research Review: The Dirt On Clean Eating Written By Nutrition Expert Alan Aragon

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