And THIS Is Why People HATE Vegans!


In my opinion, and from my own experiences and observations, people don’t dislike vegans because we take a stand for our beliefs and avoid animal products. Rather, the grievances I most often encounter are that vegans come across as sanctimonious, self-righteous, and even downright vicious and insane. Or, at the very least, whiny and insufferable.

Now, granted, not ALL vegans act in a toxic manner, but as the old saying goes: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. In other words, the loudest people of any group will get the most attention. For better or worse… and in this case, for worse!

People are, for example, going to sorta remember folks wishing death and/or rape upon them and their family for eating meat, eggs, and/or consuming dairy products. And, no, that sort of vile virtue signalling is NOT going to win over converts. It’s also not a sign of maturity or proper mental health!

This is why I, personally, prefer the “live by example” and “educational” approaches to promoting veganism.

For example, I’ll go into the gym and crush a lift wearing a vegan tank top… or just look generally ‘juicy’ in said tank top. And that, right there, instantly challenges some vegan stereotypes!

And doing so has also initiated conversation numerous times for me. So, that approach DOES work!

And this brings me to a specific piece of news that hit many outlets yesterday, and was surfacing in my Facebook feed last night.

Something that I felt was worth addressing, especially for those who may not have seen it yet.

Long-story short, some vegan dude is suing Burger King for $5 million due to his Impossible Burger patty being cooked on the same grill as the meat at some Atlanta location.

This is a new level of petty, in my opinion.

And it demonstrates just how stupid this Phillip Williams is. Whoever he is.

Why do I think Phillip is dumb?

Because he, apparently, was “shocked” to find that his Impossible Burger patty was grilled on the same surface as the beef. Keyword there, “shocked”.

Burger King is not and nor has it ever been a vegan establishment. Cross-contamination is ALWAYS a risk factor at ANY restaurant that doesn’t cater to a specific dining demographic. Whether it be animal products, gluten allergies, nut allergies, etc.

For example, you can order gluten-free options at many major restaurants, but there will always be that risk of contamination due to the facilities not being dedicated to that dietary approach. Thus, people suffering from celiac disease would do well not taking such a risk. They should either eat at a dedicated gluten-free establishment, or prepare their meals themselves.

Phillip, in this case, could have gone to a vegan restaurant, and there are plenty of options in Atlanta, or prepared a meal at home. Poblem avoided!

And I’d assume that would be obvious, but I guess I’ve underestimated the depths of a low IQ. I do hope that the judge tosses this frivolous lawsuit the fuck out.

Now, many of you may feel the need to mention that the Impossible Burger is not vegan since one of its novel ingredients was tested on animals. To be more specific, 188 rats, over the course of three separate tests, were fed the soy leghemoglobin ingredient, killed, and then vivisected for examination.

And while that is horrific, that isn’t the point of this rant. This could just as easily have happened at, say, Bareburger, where they also offer the Beyond Burger on their menu. And, yes, you can swap out the listed non-vegan menu items, such as the cheese and mayo, for vegan-friendly options. But, that doesn’t stop cross-contamination from occurring in their kitchen.

My over-arching point is to act reasonably! Because optics are important. Is that too much to ask?

Do you honestly think that acting like an insufferable twat is going to do the vegan movement any favors? And, ultimately, the animals that you CLAIM to give a shit about?

Unless, of course, you’re just using veganism as another opportunity to virtue-signal. In a desperate attempt to make yourself LOOK like the good person that you know, deep down inside, that you are NOT. While your ACTIONS give you the fuck away at every turn, whether you realize it or not.

As I’ve said before, those with ACTUAL virtue have no need for virtue-SIGNALLING.

Just look at the damage shitty and insane behavior is causing the Democrats here in America as we approach 2020.

Recently Obama even came out to warn folks to chill-the-fuck-out with all the ‘wokeness’, online outrage, and cancel culture.

Let that sink in!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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