Activities Proven to Increase Testosterone Levels SIGNIFICANTLY

I wanted to talk about something a bit different than training and nutrition in this episode. But, certainly something that can benefit your training, and also your overall life.

Back in July 2017, I did a very comprehensive video on the sad state of affairs for Western men. The cultural threats stacked against them, and plummeting testosterone levels.

I encourage all of you to check that video out!

I discussed ways you can resist the opposition that seeks to castrate us, rendering us compliant, weak, dependent, and easy-to-control.

I also discussed how competition and winning have both been shown to boost testosterone levels and perpetuate further success in competition.

And for your convenience, I’ve linked that video below. It is very complimentary to this video’s subject matter.

And the war on men and all that is masculine seems to be ever-raging. Even Gillette, the company that sells men’s shaving razors, has hitched a ride on the “toxic masculinity” and the “#MeToo” bandwagon with their recent ad.

Go look it up. It’s a hot topic right now.

Anyhow, my regular viewers should be very much aware that I am a big proponent of learning how to fight hand-to-hand, as well as learning how to both use and defend against weapons.

Well, it came as little surprise to me to discover that men who interacted with a gun for 15 minutes demonstrated an approximately 196% greater increase in testosterone above baseline levels compared to men who interacted with a children’s toy for the same amount of time. Furthermore, the men in the gun group demonstrated increased levels of aggression toward other men after handling the weapon.

And for the gun aficionados in the audience, apparently, the gun used in that study was a Desert Eagle. A beautiful and powerful gun, albeit a bit on the heavy side, with a bitch of a recoil.

Continuing along, another study has found that healthy Karate practitioners who engaged in kumite experienced an approximately 29% greater increase in testosterone above baseline levels compared to those who, instead, practiced kata.

That said, BOTH kata and kumite increased testosterone from baseline levels, according to that paper. This implies that even just the act of striking into the air can boost the big “T”.

And for the unaware, kumite, in Karate, is freestyle fighting with a partner, whereas kata are a specific sequence of movements which can be practiced alone. And as you move up in rank, the kata you are required to learn become ever-more complex.

And among Judo practitioners, a positive correlation has been found between higher testosterone levels and engaging in offensive behaviors, such as threats, fights, and attacks.

And that’s in line with the earlier study I cited involving guns.

Thus, it is a symbiotic relationship. Fighting raises your “T”, raised “T” leads to greater aggression, and greater aggression can make you a more savage fighter.

Now, to elaborate even further on the topic of combat and testosterone, yet another study has found that men deployed into a war zone, such as Afghanistan in this cohort study, experienced significantly-increased testosterone levels post-deployment compared to their pre-deployment status.

So, it appears that going into battle gives you a “T” boost. Much like fighting has been shown to do.

Granted, according to that same paper, going to war can also increase your risk of developing PTSD in the years ahead. And PTSD is clearly not beneficial to your quality of life nor overall health, so I am not recommending that you enlist to go to war just for the “T” kick. Though, I won’t deny that going to war can be necessary to defend one’s people and land.

Now, to summarize briefly:

1. If you don’t know how to fight… you should learn. And don’t JUST learn… but actually apply what you’re learning.

I am not suggesting that you go out, get into street fights, and kick random people’s asses, as that would be illegal. But, DO engage in freestyle sparring in classes or tournaments to put your training into practice against resisting opponents.

That said, don’t neglect technique, pad, or bag training either. As it is ALL beneficial to improving your skill level, and ALL of it can enhance your testosterone levels too.

2. If it’s legal where you live, learn to use a gun, and enjoy time at the shooting Range.

Not only is learning to use firearms a useful skill to possess, but it can also notch up your “T” levels in the process. And, in my opinion, it’s a great way to spend quality time with friends, assuming you keep “pro-gun” company.

Now, I could not find any data on testosterone levels from using knives, swords, axes, etc., or even using power tools like jackhammers… but, I would assume that those would also give you a nice boost in the “T” department. I mean, it would make sense given that both striking and handling guns have a positive impact on testosterone.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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