About Cory McCarthy

Co-founder of Vegan Muscle Academy

I first dropped meat in 2002, but for years continued consuming eggs and dairy.

I told myself that I’d only buy eggs and dairy products from ‘humanely’ raised animals and exclusively shopped at a well know ‘health foods’ store in the US.

If I knew then what I know now about the ‘humane lie’ this never would have been an option!

I got started with bodybuilding in 2009. As I saw the rewarding transformation of my body in how I looked, felt and performed, I grew more and more addicted.

I began to study the science behind popular exercise and nutrition recommendations and consulted top nutritional scientists in my spare time (notably, Men’s Health contributor and nutrition expert Alan Aragon M.S.).

In 2013, I gave up eggs and dairy, specifically after becoming aware of chick grinding. I woke up from the ‘humane lie’, essentially.

I knew I could indeed be healthy as a vegan, and what’s more – I could even bodybuild as a vegan! I’d just continue to follow the sport nutrition recommendations, but in a vegan-friendly way.

Suffice it to say, I continued to gain muscle and strength AS A VEGAN! Dare I say, my body even looks better now than ever before!

When you follow the basic principle of giving your body exactly what it needs (in the gym AND the kitchen) for growth, you will inevitably gain muscle. And that has nothing to do with animal products!

Since 2013 I’ve spent most of my spare time helping others to build muscle and get lean as vegans. I’ve helped a good many people transform their bodies for the better.