A Truly F*cking Disgusting Reality!

Among the comments under my previous video a viewer remarked that “std’s are so common now. hpv is everywhere apparently 80% of women get it.”

Then, as fate would have it, 3 days later, I came across a news article with the headline: “Coachella Prompts Herpes Spike in Surrounding Areas”.

So, I felt inspired to do a video on the topic of STDs. Something I haven’t really discussed before. Perhaps this will get my viewers thinking with their heads… that is, the heads ABOVE their necks!

Because there is nothing fit, formidable or fantastic, to quote my old channel motto, about being a walking petri dish.

The Newsweek article elaborated that, so far, 1,105 new cases of Herpes had been reported since the 2019 Coachella festival kicked-off on April 12th.

And that increase has been felt in the surrounding areas, too!

But, does that really come as any surprise?

As one person had tweeted in 2015: “If you don’t come back overdosed, missing a shoe, with the flu, and herpes…DID YOU EVEN GO TO COACHELLA???”

Now, I’ve never been to Coachella, or any music festival for that matter, but I can only imagine how degenerate people might get at one of those events.

I witness, on a daily basis here in NYC, just how degenerate people can be. Especially walking the streets on any given Friday or Saturday night in the Summer. The sheer number of tipsy, drunk or high people, stumbling around, makes sidewalk navigation more akin to a game of human Dodgeball.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been groped on at least two recent occasions by random, nasty chicks, while walking home from the gym on a Friday night, and minding my own business.

Now, when I say groped, I mean my biceps. Not my ass, package, or anywhere arguably perverse. Though, I did have a dude grab my ass on the subway once… right before I smashed my elbow HARD into his ribcage.

People are foul! So, really, the Coachella news is no shocker to me.

Hell, back when I used to live on the Upper West Side, I’d routinely come across college-aged girls, who were completely passed-out in-between parked cars on my street. And these girls were alone, mind you. Not even being looked after by someone!

Again, typically on Friday or Saturday nights.

Not to mention the number of inebriated women I’ve encountered stumbling around ALONE, at night, over the course of my 20 years living in New York.

To me, that’s all just fucking insane!

How you can anyone practice such a blatant disregard for self-preservation and awareness in such a degenerate place like New York City! This place is like a sexual predator’s wet dream!

But, getting back to the main topic, just how bad are the STD rates in, at least, the United States? A first-world nation.

Was my viewer right? Do 80% of women contract HPV?

Well, to get an answer to those questions, I turned to the latest CDC data that I could find.

It turns out Chlamydia is the most common STD reported in the United States, with a total of 1,708,569 new cases reported in 2017 alone! Keep in mind, that’s just NEW cases. That equates to roughly 529 people for every 100,000 who were newly infected in 2017. Apparently, this infection is most common among people aged between 15 and 24 years! And among females alone, approx. 3,635 cases exist per 100,000!

I mean, good God! Do people not keep tabs on their daughters?! As young as 15 years old, and already part of the most highly-infected group in the US!

Our society is truly going straight to Hell!

The next most common STD reported is Gonorrhea, which is colloquially known as “The Clap”, with a total of 555,608 new cases having been reported in 2017 alone. Gonorrhea infection is rather evenly distributed between men and women, with men having a slight 1.5% lead. Well, isn’t that something to be proud of!

To make matters worse, the CDC notes that Gonorrhea has been developing resistance to the antibiotic drugs prescribed to treat it, and that situation is progressively-worsening!

The third-most common STD reported is Syphilis, with a total of 30,644 new cases reported in 2017 alone of both the primary and secondary forms. That equates to a rate of approx. 10 new cases per 100,000 people. This was the disease mobster Al Capone was famously infected with.

And so were Abraham Lincoln, Hitler, JFK, Napolean, Beethoven, and uber-degenerate King Henry VIII of England.

Yep, Syphilis is one of the oldest known STDs, and yet here we are, in 2019, still witnessing shitloads of new cases still popping-up each year!

But, I guess you could think of it like smoking. We’ve known since the ’40s and ’50s that cigarette-smoking was linked to lung cancer, yet 38 million American adults, in the US alone, STILL smoke on a daily basis, according to the CDC.

People just do dumb and careless shit. And they always will.

Now, that CDC report goes into further details about Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, breaking the data down by state, race, gender, etc. If you are interested in learning more, you can find that link with the rest of my references, over at my blog, which is linked below and also in my pinned-comment.

But, moving along, there is also Chancroid, which only saw 7 new cases reported in 2017. You also have HPV, which 42.5% of US adults were infected with, between the ages of 18 and 59, by 2014. Which means that, in the US alone, 135,405,000 people, as of 2014, were infected with HPV. I am curious what that number is now, 5 years later. Then you have Herpes, which comes in two lovely flavors: HSV-1, which is the oral variety, of which 30.1% of the US population was infected with by 2010. And HSV-2, which is the genital variety, which only 2.1% of the population was infected with by 2016.

Finally, there is Trichomonas Vaginalis, a sexually-transmitted protozoal infection, which was also listed in that same report, but the data is limited on it since it is not a nationally notifiable condition, according to the CDC.

At this point, you may be wondering, what about the most infamous bastard of them all… HIV and AIDS?

As of 2016, 1,008,929 people were living with a diagnosed HIV infection in the United States alone.

By the end of 2017, 38,739 new cases had been reported. The majority occurring among the homosexual community, especially the black homosexual community, with the majority of cases occurring within the 25-34 age range. The fewest new HIV/AIDS cases occurred among white, heterosexual community, and within the 65-and-up age category.

In any case, I am sure I am leaving some diseases out. But, this video still covers a lot of ground I think. And I hope this gets everyone thinking! Male or female. Gay, bi, or straight. But, if you’re in the first two categories, you’re at the highest-risk statistically.

It’s a trashy world out there, and it only seems to be gettin’ trashier!

You’re likely better off rubbing your genitals all over a public toilet seat like this one, then you are ‘bumping uglies’ with some random you’ve hooked up with by swiping right, or after a night at the club.

And, even if you wear a ‘raincoat’, keep in mind that they can and DO break. Lord knows I’ve had that happen with name-brand condoms in the past; two from the same package in fact. Luckily, it occurred in the context of a monogamous relationship at that time, with someone I knew and trusted, so STDs weren’t a concern. We were just trying to prevent pregnancy.

The point is: some things you do in Vegas, so-to-speak, don’t stay in Vegas… you may end up bringing home an unwanted souvenir.

So, why not just focus on meeting someone nice and trustworthy, and invest in a healthy, traditional relationship, and practice monogamy? Don’t risk becoming a statistic!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.







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