A NEW Way to Tell If Someone Is a Natty or Not!??? (JUST PUBLISHED!)

Before I begin this video, I wanted to publicly state that this will be my final weekly video until the week of November 26th. I will be taking a short break from YouTube to focus on family.

I do plan to return with a public Q&A session on November 25th, for those who are interested. Probably around 12 PM Eastern US Time, like usual, which is 9 AM for folks on the west coast, and 5 PM for folks in England. Would love to see you all there!

Anyhow. You saw the title of this video, so you are likely curious where it will be going.

I am covering a paper published this past October.

The sample size was 212. And all subjects were male, aged 21-to-36. 88 of those were steroid-users, the rest were “naturals”. The men completed self-reported measures of personality, impulsivity, delayed gratification, and attitudes toward infidelity.

The questionnaire was also meant to determine each participant’s score on the five main dimensions of personality known as the “Big Five” in psychology circles.

Those five traits are: neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and openness.

What was discovered was that steroid-users display an inability to delay gratification, which will likely come as no shock to many of you. They also display greater impulsivity, and take a more liberal view toward infidelity. In other words, steroid-users are more likely to be unfaithful. They also scored higher on openness and neuroticism than non-users did. Finally, steroid-users scored lower on extraversion than non-users.

On a side note, openness, or how open-minded a person is, according to a October 2011 study, is tightly-linked with voting liberal. Whereas greater conscientiousness, or how careful or vigilant a person is, is linked to a higher likelihood of voting conservative.

And if you watch my recent video, The Dangerous TRUTH About Modern Relationships, which I have linked below, you will also learn, via research, that liberal-voters are guilty of significantly-higher rates of infidelity than conservatives. Infidelity being another trait more often expressed by steroid-users compared to non-users, as I had mentioned.

Thus, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that liberal weight-trainers may be more likely to turn to recreational steroid use than their conservative counterparts.

The researcher discovered that neuroticism, impulsivity, and an inability to delay gratification are the three SIGNIFICANT predictors for steroid use. Now, do keep in mind, all of these results are correlative. But, the findings are still interesting. And provide insights that may help experts identify at-risk individuals, which may help treat and prevent recreational steroid use.

Long-time followers of my channel know my stance on gear use, and how strongly I advocate AGAINST steroids, unless they’re being used for medical purposes, and under doctor supervision. So, I felt this video would make a fitting addition to this channel’s content.

It is just interesting how personality appears to play a significant role in this matter. Though, I can’t say it is surprising.

And for those new to this channel, just search my videos for a myriad in-depth content on the subject, such as well-documented long-term health consequences from steroid abuse.

Anyway, do leave your thoughts and comments below.


My video – The Dangerous TRUTH About Modern Relationships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmnUDDVCxw8

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