I used to speak pretty harshly about the NoFap movement, but my views have changed on that subject for a number of reasons.

It turns out that after abstaining from ejaculation for just 7 days, your testosterone levels may boost quite significantly. And this boost could explain the improved confidence and motivation that many men claim to experience during NoFap.

According to a study looking at 28 healthy, non-medicated men, all aged between 21 and 45, after 7 days of not ejaculating, their serum testosterone levels soared to 145.7% above their baseline!

Now, only minimal changes were witnessed between days 2 and 5, and after day 7 no further changes were documented, but if you can refrain from ejaculation for 7 days, you too may reap this substantial hormonal benefit, and even maintain that peak level if you continue to abstain.

So, step aside “beast mode”, and make way for “Priest mode”!

At this point you may be asking, “just how significant IS a boost of 145.7%?”

On average, a healthy guy will have testosterone levels around 679 ng/dL. So, with that figure in mind, let’s do some math!

A 145.7% increase from a baseline of 679 would be approx. 989!

So, in other words, 7 days of abstinence could rocket your average guy’s “big T” to the UPPER-END of the normal range!

Now, if you watch my video titled “The Truth About Testosterone Boosters!” published in July of 2016, you’ll learn that, according to research, boosting testosterone within the normal range will NOT beget steroid-like muscle gains. No matter how high you boost your levels within the physiologically normal range. However, it CAN significantly increase your ability to burn body fat and keep it off!

In other words, your physique could become leaner and meaner!

Even if you won’t end up looking as jacked as everyone’s favorite full-natty bodybuilder, Kali Muscle.

That’s a joke, by the way. Before someone lashes out in the comments with something like, “but… Kali’s not natty!”

Seriously, there’s always that one guy in any crowd who loses the plot.

Anyway, for those interested, I’ve linked to my old T-booster video below in the description.

Now, you may ask, “what does that study have to do with laying off the ol’ game of “solo tug o’ war”?” After all, that study only looked at abstinence from ejaculation in general, not specifically masturbation.

First, research has shown that while ejaculation induced by sex can significantly raise testosterone levels, ejaculation by masturbation, on the other hand, appears to have NO significant effect on the big “T”.

And another study, looking at both men AND women, found something similar… that having sex increases testosterone levels in both genders.

Furthermore, a study looking at healthy men aged between 22 and 29 years, who had abstained from MASTURBATION-induced orgasms for 3 weeks, experienced not only higher levels of testosterone, but also reported greater levels of sexual arousal as well as a higher quality of orgasm.

So, while masturbation might not be harmful for you, it isn’t doing you any favors either. You aren’t getting that sweet, sweet “T” boost, and you won’t be optimizing your ability to achieve sexual arousal nor satisfaction with your partner.

Possibly leaving her in a perpetual state of “what the fuck?!”

Whereas JUST having sex has been shown to significantly boost your testosterone levels.

Now, I cannot seem to find the data on precisely how much testosterone is actually boosted by sex, but as I’ve discussed on this channel before, regular sex elicits a myriad documented health benefits, as well as facilitating bonding with your significant other. So, the benefits go well beyond hormones.

In other words, I am not suggesting that you to abstain from sex with your partner, rather just forgo the act of masturbation. Even if it turns out that complete abstinence from ejaculation is superior to sex when it comes to raising testosterone. In other words, don’t misinterpret the message I am trying to convey with this video.

And, if you are single, you should still abstain from masturbation, instead you should channel your pent-up sexual energy into finding a quality partner. Let it drive and motivate you.

You could also channel it into smashing the weights, which can raise your sexual market value, thus improving your chances at a quality partner. Again, another topic I’ve discussed on this channel.

Hell, you could even channel it into other areas of your life, like starting a sweet business.

Or into cleaning your damn room!

Finally, this will enable you to eliminate porn from your life. Which is a degenerate and damaging habit anyway.

You see, the consumption of internet porn has been shown to lead to an addiction similar to substance addiction.

Furthermore, the more porn that you consume, the more you may reduce the amount of grey matter in your brain, as well as hindering sexual function.

And grey matter is the stuff responsible for muscle control, seeing, hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, self-control, and more!

Lovely, right?

So, not only can porn turn you into an addict, thus controlling your life, but it can also reduce the volume of your brain matter, which comes with its own host of problems, as well as fuck with your ability TO fuck.

So, just quit it! It is literally doing you zero favors, instead it can actually do you harm!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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