A Hyooge Problem!


As of September 2019, the obesity rate in the United States was in excess of 35% in 9 states, 30% in 31 states, and 25% in 48 states.

To quantify just how bad that is lets look at one of the states with the highest obesity figures… Iowa. In Iowa over 35% of the population qualifies as obese.

That means, at a minimum, that 1,106,000‬ people in Iowa are currently obese. Not chubby or overweight, mind you, but full-blown obese!

And things aren’t looking up. Well, things ARE looking up, but not in outlook… just in size.

Recently, a paper published in The New England Journal of Medicine has made quite the splash. Pun intended.

The researchers project, with high predictive accuracy, that by 2030 nearly 1-in-2 U.S. adults will be obese; that’s about 50% of the U.S. population who will obese in the span of just one decade!

If we were to base that figure on 2019 data, that’d be approx. 164.53 million people who’d be considered obese in the U.S. alone!

That’s roughly equivalent to the current population of Bangladesh!

And given that the U.S. population continues to expand, pun intended, that figure will inevitably be higher when we hit 2030.

Now, I’ve done past videos discussing the issue of obesity in detail, so I will just quickly rehash here.

Being obese puts folks at an elevated risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and more!

In fact, a 2018 cohort study, with a duration of over 12 years, and a sample size of 520,000 people, concluded that there’s no such thing as someone being “fat but fit”, despite the popular narrative. The researchers of that study found that the fatter a person is, the higher their risk of coronary heart disease. And the data was controlled by age, sex, education, smoking, diet, and physical activity.

Furthermore, for those who care about the issue, obesity has recently been linked to climate change due to greater greenhouse gas emissions. According to research, this is due to obese people producing greater amounts of carbon dioxide via oxidative metabolism, and requiring more food and drink to be produced and transported to maintain their excessive lifestyles and habits. In fact, on the global scale, obesity was estimated to contribute to an extra 700 megatons of carbon dioxide emissions per year!

That should serve as a wake up call for folks on the left.

Pew data shows that liberal Democrats are 55% more likely than conservative Republicans to trust climate scientists.

Furthermore, folks on the left are generally the ones creating the most fuss about “fat-shaming” and pushing for “fat acceptance”, even in the most absurd of contexts.

Like when feminist “comedian” Sofie Hagen accused Cancer Research UK of “fat-shaming” for daring to raise public awareness about the link between obesity and cancer.

Ergo, folks on the left are faced with a dilemma. They simply cannot continue to logically promote a fight against climate change while also accepting, supporting, normalizing, and/or even sexualizing the effects of over-indulgence, hedonism and gluttony. Those positions are in conflict with one another, and make them look like hypocrites.

Furthermore, Pew data shows that it is a largely a Democrat-held position that the federal government has a responsibility to make sure all Americans have health coverage.

And this creates yet another dilemma.

For such a system to function economically, certain regulations would need to be in place regarding lifestyle and health choices, possibly including a special tax being levied on folks who are obese.

Otherwise, the growing obesity issue will inevitably overdrive healthcare spending, subsequently placing additional financial burden squarely on the shoulders of the tax-paying public. And for what? People being incapable of taking personal responsibility, making healthy lifestyle choices, and exercising some self-control?

Bear in mind, in the U.S. alone, annual health care costs for obesity-related illnesses already exceed the $190 billion mark.

Just imagine how high that figure will soar as our population continues to grow, along with the people in it!

Ergo, the rising obesity issue creates more than one problem.

We should not be glorifying obesity, and we should be pushing back on those who actively do so. We should be educating people and making strides to reverse this very serious problem that is getting rapidly worse.

On that note, I feel that this is a perfect time to mention that research has demonstrated that a vegan diet may offer protection against obesity. Just putting that out there.

Now, as I’ve said before, if you are someone who is overweight or obese, and you are actively trying to correct that issue… more power to you! You have my full support.

But, if you are someone who glorifies being overweight or obese, then you are a bad person! Because you are not just harming yourself, but you are potentially hurting other people who may listen to and/or look up to you; people who may be looking for an excuse to remain the same.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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