A Cure For Leftism (Beta Males, Nu-Males, Soy Boys, Cucks)

This video was inspired, in part, by a comment left under my previous video.

It was posted by a viewer who was once “put off” because I am a conservative, but eventually came to the realization that HE was on the “wrong side”; a side that attacks such things as traditional masculinity.

Enter this video: “A Cure For Leftism”, as I am calling it. Or, at least one possible cure.. or angle, if you will.

Now, there is a growing body of research data suggesting that stronger, more masculine men tend to be more right-wing. Obviously there will be outliers, but that appears to be the trend.

For example, this 2013 paper, of which the full manuscript is linked over at my blog, found that weaker men were more likely to support a welfare state and wealth redistribution, whereas stronger, more dominant men were more likely to oppose such things. You see, the weaker men were found to be more reluctant to assert their self-interests.

In fact, that 2013 study clearly pinched leftist nerves… not that it takes much to do so; it inspired this vitriolic, butt-hurt article from Vice, surprise, surprise, titled “Gym Bros More Likely to be Right-Wing Assholes, Science Confirms”.

But, that paper wasn’t the only one.

In 2017 this paper was released which found that men who were stronger and more masculine were less-likely to support egalitarianism.

Now, let me be clear: I firmly support equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone, but people are not inherently equal; equal outcomes will not occur organically. For example, some people are bigger, some faster, some stronger, some more intelligent, some more talented, some more attractive, etc. Where others might have fewer or even none of those traits at all.

And while everyone should be given equal opportunity, not everyone will be successfully competitive when given the opportunity. That’s life, nature is cruel and selective.

And those were but two examples of the research; other papers have since been published on this very topic.

So, what’s the take-away here? Well, clearly, I am going to recommend that men lift!

And lifting is an activity that less than 9% of the U.S. population engages in regularly, not just men.

In my opinion, if more men lifted weights, society would be all-the-better for it. I mean, after all, strong men build strong nations, historically-speaking. Whereas little boys, which is what leftist men essentially act like, cannot.

Weak men aren’t defending shit. At the most, they destroy, and at the very least they ALLOW destruction to occur either via indolence and/or poor choices, such supporting open-borders.

Weight-training can also teach men consistency, perseverance, patience, the value of planning and how to deal with pain, hardship and continually pushing beyond one’s comfort zone. Essentially, weight-training builds strength of character and mind, not just body.

So is it really any wonder why strong men would oppose, say, socialist policies? Obviously, they favor independence, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

It’s time for a return to traditional masculinity!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below.


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Upper‐Body Strength and Political Egalitarianism: Twelve Conceptual Replications https://pure.au.dk/portal/files/162989027/Upper_Body_Strength_and_Political_Egalitarianism_Accepted_manuscript_2019.pdf

Is sociopolitical egalitarianism related to bodily and facial formidability in men? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1090513816303907

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