5G Coronavirus Conspiracy DEBUNKED Fast!


As someone living in NYC, in one of the worst hit American states, who quite possibly had COVID-19 and recovered, who personally knows four people who had been confirmed to have it, one of which who has died, I am frankly sick of the conspiracy theories.

So, I decided to do this quick video about one of the more prominent claims that 5G, a 5th generation mobile network, somehow causes or spreads COVID-19.

And things have escalated. It was recently reported that people had begun torching 5G towers in the wake of this rampant conspiratorial claim.

Well, I have an argument for you to consider: Africa.

You see, as of the making of this video, Africa has a total of 10,268 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

And just shy of a month ago, there were only 47 confirmed cases.

In other word, the case load in Africa has increased dramatically.

Yet, only two countries in all of Africa actually have 5G, and those countries are Lesotho and South Africa. And even then, the 5G service in those countries is limited.

Now, granted, South Africa does have the lion’s share, pun-intended, of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the African continent, but Lesotho, the other 5G-serviced African country, has a whoppin’ ZERO.

Which seems odd to me considering that 5G, apparently, causes and/or spreads COVID-19.

And Lesotho has nearly 2 1/4 million residents, at least it did in 2017. So, it isn’t a sparsely-populated populated region.

Furthermore, countries such as Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco all have nearly as many COVID-19 cases as South Africa, yet all three lack 5G.

Thus, I would be genuinely curious what the 5G conspiracy theorists have to say about that?

And while 5G uses non-ionizing radiation, that isn’t the same as ionizing radiation, which IS considered dangerous, as it can break chemical bonds.

And either way, radiation sickness is not contagious, whereas COVID-19 is… and highly-so!

So, even if someone with this theoretical “5G sickness”, as I’ve seen it called, traveled into Africa, pray tell how exactly they’d be spreading it?!

Does anyone actually have any hard medical evidence to support the 5G claims? Or any research papers, perhaps?

And, no, I don’t mean linking me to YouTube videos and calling that “evidence”.

Anyway, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and comments on this topic below. Frankly, I think it is pure bullshit, but hey… if there is a solid body of evidence, I may change my mind.


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