2020 has been a pretty rough year for most folks, I’d say.

Lockdowns, staggering job losses, loss of life, social isolation, depression, non-stop rioting, yet the prevalence of fast food delivery and Netflix which has led to 76% of Americans gaining 16 pounds during quarantine, as of July 7th at least, of which 63% are hoping to get into post-quarantine shape.

And the situation isn’t much better across the pond; almost half of Brits have gained between 7 and 14 pounds during their 12-week lockdown.

Now, some of you may remember my video posted on April 23rd, where I discussed how weight training and cardio, and being physically-fit can make you more resilient to not only COVID-19, but also colds and flus.

So, this weight gain is not doing anyone any favors… in fact, quite the polar opposite!

That leads me to my story, or my physique update, which is why you all likely clicked on this video.

You see, I’ve been through a series of events in my personal life over the course of this pandemic; some news was certainly not the best, while other events have been life-changing and beautiful. And this is partly why I’ve not been able to upload every week.

A few months back I had decided that I wanted to get into the best shape that I possibly could for a big event occurring in my life this September. So, I scoured the research journals and I crafted what I consider to be the ultimate workout and cardio program, diet plan and supplement regimen to incinerate as much body fat as I possibly could in 12 weeks time while also building muscle! In other words, a full-on body recomp.

The catch? Since I live in NYC, which has some of the most draconian lockdown policies in place, where gyms are STILL closed, this had to be a program that I could follow at home, in a small Manhattan apartment with very limited equipment.

And this was the result… 12 pounds of fat destroyed over the course of 12 weeks of time, even with added cheat meals, or “treat meals” as I prefer to call them.

My strength also has continued to climb and I look as though I’ve also gained some muscle; I certainly haven’t lost any!

Now, I am not stage lean, but I am where I want to be aesthetically… somewhere in the ball park of 12-15% bodyfat. You see, I prefer a fuller, thicker look similar to the Spartans in the 2006 film 300.

Beyond exercising and following a very strategic diet plan, I also took this green tea supplement, which contains 500 mg of extract.

I did this because a recent meta-analysis found that a daily dose of 400-500 mg of green tea extract, no more or no less, has the potential to help you burn up to 7 kilos of fat in 12 weeks time!

I’ve linked to the green tea that I use down in the description.

In any case, I am so excited about how effective this program has been for me that I’ve put it all together into a brand new eBook called the “EPIC 12-WEEK SHRED”, which I’ve linked below in the description and in my pinned comment for those interested.

I’ve priced it at about 54% less than the average cost for one-hour with a personal trainer here in America, and it is offers advice beyond just the diet, weight training and supplement programs, such as:

A research-proven way to make green tea supplementation more effective.

A quick and tasty food combination that research has shown can increase thermogenesis by over 50%!

Ways to correctly incorporate cheat meals and still get results.

A cardio protocol that research has shown can lead to a nearly 29% greater reduction in body fat compared to a more standard routine!

A simple-to-apply temperature ‘hack’ for while you sleep that research has shown can convert white fat stores to the more metabolically-active and easier-to-burn brown fat at a rate of 30-40%!

And much more!

And the workouts can be performed at the gym, at home or even in a local park with just bands and bodyweight! So, it is both quarantine and travel friendly.

And these are some transformations other folks have made with my programs and advice in the past.

Again, that program is linked below in the description and in my pinned comment for those who’d like to grab a copy.

I am actually about to embark on a huge move which is quite costly, as a lot of things are rapidly changing in my life, so I am truly grateful to anyone who supports my work by grabbing a copy. So, thank you in advance.

Alexander, if you’re watching this, this is the precise program you were asking about!

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below. How many of you have gained weight during lockdown? How many have lost it? And how much did you gain or lose?


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