1 Great Habit To Extend Life + Fight Cancer NOW!

During my recent Q&A, a viewer asked me how weight training can specifically fight cancer. I told them that I would be covering that topic in an upcoming video — and here it is!

First, a little background.

In August of 2015, scientists discovered that Irisin, which is dubbed the “exercise hormone” — though, it is technically a protein — DOES exists in humans. And those who engage in routine exercise have higher levels of this protein in their blood.

But, let’s get even more specific!

In an 8 week study, conducted this past June, it was found that men who underwent STRENGTH training, specifically, had significantly more irisin in their blood than sedentary men, and even men who engaged solely in cardiovascular activity. This study also discovered that the more fat mass an individual has, the less circulating irisin, while the more muscle mass an individual has, the more circulating irisin.

So, now you’re probably thinking — that’s great and all — but, what does that extra irisin mean for me?

Well, a Spanish study had found that healthy folks over the age of 100 all shared one common trend: higher serum irisin levels. And they based this on 79 participants, so a relatively decent sample size. Whereas, the same study found that younger individuals, who had suffered from a heart attack, had significantly lower irisin levels.

They drew the conclusion that both exceptional longevity and vascular health are greatly influenced by irisn levels.

But, if those longevity and heart-protective benefits are not enough for you, a study out of the University of New Mexico found that not only did irisn reduce the vitality of cancer cells, but irisin also caused some cancer cells to “self-destruct”.

Since both exercise and greater lean body mass result in higher irisin levels, the researchers concluded that this is the reason why exercise reduces the chance of developing cancer, or its return.

In fact, to quote leading clinical oncologist Jane Maher, from Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK: “the advice that I would have previously given to one of my patients would have been to ‘take it easy’, this has now changed significantly because of the recognition that if physical exercise were a drug, it would be hitting the headlines.”

I preach and preach on this channel about the benefits of strength training and muscle-building, for both men and women.

Not just for performance, or to look good, or to feel good, or to build confidence — but, also for your health!

While I am NOT one to disregard the medical sciences, I am one who believes in taking care of yourself so you DON’T need medication!

That includes eating healthfully, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, but also… routine exercise!

Let this video be one more reason for you, whoever and wherever you are, to take control of your life, and take a step in a positive direction!

Anyhow, thank you all for watching.

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